university should spend money in society activities

In order to attract good students, universities should spend money in society activities.

Some universities spend their money on social activities as a way of attracting brilliant students. Social activities can be a vital part of university experiences, but I believe there are more significant things that college can spend money on in order to make themselves more enticing to students.

First, one thing that universities can direct their funding toward is improving facilities.

A school with advanced scientific labs, for example, is much more likely to attract scientifically-minded students than a school that host a few parties and throws a few dances. I know that many of my friends picked their universities based on what kind of science equipment the schools had. In particular, my friend Bob interested in astronomy even pointed out that he chose certain college almost solely because of its expensive observatory. Therefore, spending money on school facilities can be a solid investment for pulling in students.

Second, another thing that universities can spend their money on is hiring renowned stuffs. Students go to school to learn new knowledge and skills, and having a right teacher is so important to offer a quality education. If you attend a school with great social activities but teachers with poor teaching skills, then students will just have fun and not learn anything concrete and important. I actually saw this when I visited my sister …s university. Known as a “Party School” , the university always had events like concerts and parties, and the students were generally relaxed and happy. However, my sister said she learned very little in class because the professors were not passionate about teaching and the students were not interesting in learning. In the end, she transferred to another school with better teachers, and she was able to grow academically.

That?s is not to say that universities should ignore completely social activities. Four year of universities are also a time to develop socially and emotionally, and social activities can help students to do that. However, it is important not to place so much emphasis on social activities that we lose sight of why we go to college in the first place. Universities are places of learning. If we focus too much on fun, it sends wrong message. It may even attract wrong kind of students. The school would end op filled with people who eager to party. For these reasons, social activities are probably not the best way to attract students.

University is a place of learning first and foremost, so they should prioritize the tools of learning- in other words, the teachers and the facilities. Putting too much emphasis on social activities will negatively impact a university?s ability to educate its students.