Model Test 10

Model Test 10

Part Ⅰ

1.He loves me I were his son.

D as though

2.The doctor insisted the patient oxygen immediately.

C on giving

3.Our Prime Minister made a long speech in America an interpreter.

B through

4.On their way to Shanghai they called a few colleges and universities in Nanjing.

A at

5.I would ask Cindy to lend us the money if I her.

A knew

6. you understand this rule ,you’ll have no further difficulty.

D Once

7.Steam is continually going into the air,but it is also continually coming

the air.

A out of

8.The new equipment is considered great use for engineering construction.

D of

9.The experiment was easier than we had expected.

B much more

10.I to read the novel.

D am liking

11.I have priority him in my claim.

B over

12.When his book was published ,it did the interest of many readers.

A arouse

13. enough time ,I would have gone into that subject more deeply.

A Had I had

14.They didn’t have their lunch out of money.

B because of

15.The hall was with antique .

C furnished

16.He was awarded the first prize in the contest , something I had never before.

C dreamed of

17.They appear the film.

C to have enjoyed

18.Most college students want to be to choose their favorite


C free

19.Do you consider wise to ignore him?

A it

20.The news to us all.

C was surprising

21.This sentence needs

C improving

22. some officials ,Napoleon inspected his army.

B Followed by

23.Many attempts to climb that mountain before he succeeded in doing it .

D had been made

24.But for the doctor the old worker now.

D would be dead

25.The new instrument doesn’t wnt yet.

B cleaning

26.I found to answer all the questions within the time given.

D it impossible

27.Nancy isn,’t here .It’s my fault .I forgot all about her.

A telephoning

28.”Donna was really upset!”

“She’s not used to what to do.”

C being told

29.Waves generally result from wind on water.

A acting

30.The research laboratory is going to the new type of computer to use.

C put

Part Ⅱ

Passage One

31.The story is mainly about

C the secret of “105”

32.The story tells that the stranger was a man who

A took back empties

33.Mr.Chen sold his empty Mao Tai bottle because

C the price offered was high enough

34.When examining and enjoying the wine sent by his se4cond son ,Mr .Chen was terrified because he found

D his second son had been cheated

35.According to the story ,who do you say learned a lesson?

B Mr.Chen.

Passage Two

36.The Lost Sea is unique because it is

B the biggest underground lake in the world

37.The Craighead Caverns have been known

B since the time of the Indian nations

38.Who located the lost Sea in recent times?

C Ben Sands.

39.What was found in “The Council Room?”

D Many old Indian objects.

40.It can be inferred from the passage that the Craighead Caverns presently serve as

C a tourist attraction

Passage Three

41.Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for the passage?

B The History of Monetary Exchange.

42.According to the passage ,which of the following was the earliest kind of exchange of wealth?

A Bartered goods.

43.The author mentions food ,tools and precious metals and stones together because they are all

D material object

44.According to the passage ,coins once had real value as currency because they

C were made of precious metals

45.Which of the following statements about computerized monetary systems is NOT supported by the passage?

C They are still limited to small transaction.

Part Ⅳ

56.The only access to that ancient castle is along a muddy track.

57.Our grateful thanks are due to you.

58.Though they may not succeed ,they will still try.

59.Some people feel that when things like this happen ,it is not just a

coincidence ,but a manifestation of some higher power or order where all things , including our thoughts ,come together.

60.Advertising is part of our daily lives .To realize this fact ,you have

only to leaf through a magazine or newspaper or count the radio or television commercials that you bear in one evening.

Part Ⅴ






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