Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes

He did drawings for his friends and paintings for his Granny And one day Franklin painted a picture for an art contest Look at my paintings ,Mom!


They’re very colourful, Franklin

They’re for the painting contest.at the ice cream shop

All of them?


The prize is a really neat skateboard!

I want to win it so I’m going to enter as many paintings as I can. They’re all wonderful, Franklin but perhaps you should pick just one painting and make it the best it can be.


Maybe you’re right.

But ,which one should I pick?

Hi Franklin

Aren’t you finished your painting for the contest yet? Almost ,I’m trying to pick the best one.

Then I’m going to make it even better.

Mine’s in here.

Do you want to see it?


Look in the end.

It’s all rolled up.bear

I can hardly see it.

I can’t take it out.

Mom said Mr.Skunk has to take it out so it won’t get wrecked. On,um

Whick one of these do you like the best?

That one.

The flowers look like lollipops

Oh yeah ,hey ,watch this.

What’s so funny?

It’s a lollipop garden.

Ooo,I like that kind of garden. Except it needs one more thing.

A jelly bean bush

You can’t have a jellybean bush without black ones.

Black jellybeas are your favorites?

Oh yeah,they taste the best.

What tastes so good?

Franklin’s painting.

Huh, oh,I get it.

Hey ,how about a candy apple tree?

Here,go ahead.


Hey,I know.

What about candy com on the cob.

On ,candy canes.

You’ve got to have candy canes.


That’s a good choice.

I’m good at painting bees.

So I put a whole bunch in.

Do you think Mr.Skunk. will like it?

I’m sure he will.

Will he like it the best?

He’s got to like it the best.

Wait!I want to lick it

Alright,you can do the honours.

I like this.for the gardener who has a sweet tooth. Oh,itn’t that charming

Look at the little candy canes.

Quite an imagination you have. Son

And you’ve very artistic too.


Jellybean bushes

That’s a good idea

Maybe I’ll plant a row of thoes.next spring. Hmmm

Yes we enjoy his artwork too.

I’m sure he’ll be very excited.

Oh,just a second. He just came in the door I’ll let you tell him.

.it’s Mr.Skunk.

hi,Mr.Skunk,,,I did ?


what? I mean,pardon?


I can come right now…

Okay ,thanks ,Mr.Skunk.bye

I won the stateboard

Contratulations son


I guess you chose the right painting

Yeah, and I’m glad I did.

Hold on

What about these?

It’s okay

I don’t need them mom

I’m going to the ice cream shop.to get my skateboard! Yipee

He’s a famous artist now.

You don’t expect him to put his things away.do you? Not today!


This is great.

So is your painting.

It’s a real masterpiece.

My mom and dad liked it too.

I can’t wait till my friends see this

Oh I’m sure they’ve seen it

I’ve had visitors in here everyday. Look at it . Well the next time they see it

It’ll be going a lot faster.


One two three four five

Ey,we’ve got enough.



Look out


Whew,that was fun.

Hey,where’d everybody go?

Gee , Franklin,you need a hom

And brakes.

And driving lessons

Sorry guys

I’m just getting used to this thing.

It’s really fast.

Hey that skateboard.

That looks like the one from Mr.Skunk’s ice cream shop! that’s becaruse it is the one from the ice cream shop

You won it?

I won it


Are you ever lucky , Franklin?

I’m lucky ,but its because I did a good painting that I won the prize.

Mr.Skunk called it a masterpiece.


Way to go Franklin

Yeah ,that’s great

We were just going to the ice cream shop to share a choolate sundae.

Do you guys mind splitting it four ways?

No that’s good idea.

Sure, I’llshare with Franklin

Geeyou guys are great.

And you’re the best artist.

And the worst driver


we’re here Franklin

put on the brakes.

That skateboard is great.

I wish I had one

Me too

Yeah I do too.

Maybe Mr,Skunk will have another art contest next summer But if you want to win a skateboard ,,your painting have to be as god as that one.

This is what you entered?


Where have I seen the painting before?

You guys painted stuff on it.


So why aren’t our names on it too?


That’s right

How come?

I don’t know,,it was my idea

And my jellybeanbush

And my candy apple tree.

That’s right, Franklin

We all helped paint it

Um ah,well ,you guys can use the skateboard anytime you want Here Beaver,you have a turn,

No thanks

I came here to have a chocolate sundae.


Me too

Yeah let’s have our ice cream

We can talk about this after

Did yu bring any money?


You guys said I could share?

You didn’t share our names on that painting,

So we’re not sharing our sundae

Hello Franklin

How are you enjoying your new skateboard?

it’s fine.

I’m making popcorn.son

It’s almost ready

No thanks ,dad

I’m not very hungry


If it’s that skateboard giving you troule,don’t worry.

It will just take practice.

It’s not that.

It’s my friends they think they should have won too.

I’m sure your friends entered some fine paintings.

But it wouldn’t be a contest if everybody won,would it?

It’s not that either they kind of helped me with my painting

I thought you painted the snapdragons and bees

I entered a different one

The garden of treats painting

That was’t your painting?

well ,it was ..sort of …but then bear and Beaver and Fox came. Along and added things

And they did make the picture.look better

If they helped to make your picture look better then they

deserve some recognition .don’t you think?

Yes ,they do

I think I know what I have to do

Thanks , Franklin



I still say that painting is a masterpiece even if it did take four artists to paint it

Now all we have to do ,is decide how we’re going to cut this into four pieces

No way

We’ve already solved that problem

Yeah,we’re going to keep it at the tree fort then all of us can use it whenever we want


That sounds like a good compromise


Now that we’ve got that sorted out ,I’d like to order six chocolate sundaes.


Oh sundaes.

Two in one day!

and we don’t have to share. Oh I’m sorry

Those are for me