1.What did the woman find?

A A packet

B A wallet

C An I

D card

2.Why is the coach special to the woman?

A He teaches her to be kind

B He is her father.

C He is skilled in baseball

3.What does the woman want most?

A Much work

B Less ambition

C A better job

4.When are they likely to see a game together?

A Next week

B Next month

C Next year

5.What is probably the woman’s brother?

A A photographer

B A football player

C A singer

6.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A Doctor and patient

B Wife and husband

C Secretary and boss

7.What does the woman advise the man to do?

A Enjoy his life

B Change his diet

C Give up all fat foods

8.Where does the conversation probably take place?

A At a railway station

B At an airport

C At a hotel

9.When will the man have to leave?

A At 12:00

B At 13:00

C At 14:00

10.Where did the theft happen?

A In a shop

B On a bus

C In the street

11.What did the old lady think the man speaker was at first?

A A passer-by

B A policeman.

C A thief

12.What did the old lady do in the end ?

A She apologized

B She ran off

C She called the police.

13.What’s probably the man?

A.A host

B. A pianist

C. A journalist

14.How much is the ticket for the jazz performance on Thursday night?

A.$8 B $10 C $12

15.When will the band Megablitz perform?

A.On Thursday

B. On Friday

C. On Saturday

16.Where will the New Seventies Soul Night be held?

A.At the Sound Club

B. At the Jazz Cafe

C. At the Queen’s Hall

17.Why won’t the speaker come to work today?

A.He is ill

B. His son is ill

C. He has to go to his son’s school.

18.What does the speaker ask Raman to do?

A.Contact the trainer.

B. Book a room

C. Organize the projector

19.How will Alison deal with the lunch?

A.She will cook it

B. She will order it from a cafe.

C. She will take the people to a restaurant.

20.What will everyone in the meeting need to have、

A.A pen and a notebook

B. A phone.

C. A computer



When I entered Oxford University, I wasn’t particularly interested in joining the rowing club. I just wanted to know what it’s like to row in one of those narrow boats, so I signed up with the intention of quitting after the first session. At least that’s what I thought.

Six months later, I found myself sitting in a rowing boat with three teammates, waiting for a 2,000-meter race

to start. In the boat alongside us sat a crew from the university’s team, two of whom had won medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. My crew was only rowing at college-level and we had only trained a few times as a team, so facing such strong athletes was quite terrifying. I tried to focus my mind on the race, not on my opponents.

Go! We pushed off with all our might and rowed as fast as we could. As we reached the halfway mark, the other crew was ahead of us. But to my amazement we were gaining on them. If we could win the race, we would get through to the final! We pushed even harder, ignoring the pain in our legs and drawing energy from the cheers of our college friends. I could already sense the sweet taste of victory.

But then, disaster. One of my teammates lost control of his oar(桨), knocking him nearly out of the boat. We came to a sudden stop, and watched as our opponents crossed the finishing line. It was the most disappointing moment in my life. I wanted to punch my teammate who had ruined everything and push him into the water. But when I saw how angry he was with himself, I gave him a hug.

Although we lost, I’m still proud of how well we did that day facing a much stronger team. What I remember now is the thrill of racing, not the pain of defeat.

21.Why did the author join the rowing club?

A.He was fond of rowing

B. He signed with the team.

C. He was curious about rowing.

D. He wanted to quit another club.

22.How did the author feel before the race?


B. Amazed

C. Disappointed

D. Surprised

23.Why did they lose the game?

A.They hurt their legs.

B. The opponents were too strong.

C. They were worn out.

D. A group member made a mistake.

24. Which can be the best title of the text?

A. A Valuable Lesson

B. 2000 Meters I will Never Forget

C. Learn to Forgive

D. Never Quit Until the Last Minute


Let’s check out some of the best-rated running cell phone apps that make our fitness program more efficient and more fun.


Platform: iOS, Android

Price: free, pro version $10

Voted best running app on http://www.360docs.net/doc/info-03d9f249915f804d2b16c178.html, a US-based Weblog on software, Runkeeper lets you track your running activities on a map, including data on distance, time and calories burned. Compare your performance with previous runs, and share new personal bests on social media. The pro version adds more features, such as audio updates during runs.

Similar: Nike+, Endomondo, Runmeter V5.0

Get Running

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: $2.99

Want to get fit but don’t know where to start? Get Running will help you take the first step. With a nine-week training program its goal is to gradually build up your stamina (耐力) until you can run for 30 minutes (or 5000 meters). A human coaching voice guides you through the program with advice and encouragement. Track your progress and share the results online.

Similar: Run Coach, adidas miCoach, Runtastic

Upbeat Workouts

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: $2.99

With this app, rather than spend hours putting together the perfect playlist before your next jog, you can just get up and go. Upbeat Workouts measures your SPM ( strides per minute ) and searches your device for songs that have a matching BPM ( beats per minute). Slow down and a more relaxing song will play; speed up and feel and

energetic tune. You can also set a desired SPM for runs at a continuous speed.

Similar: Tempo Run, UpBeat

Strava Run, iRace

Platform: iOS, Android

Price: free

Are you the competitive type? If so, you will love Strava Run. In addition to mapping your runs via GPS and providing running statistics (统计资料), it lets you compete against other users and join challenges. Can you make it to the top of the leader board? Alternatively, search for real races in your city with iRace (iOS only) and challenge your friends to join.

Similar: Yog, Sociercise, Race Finder

25.To run with Runkeeper, you _______.

A need to share your personal information

B should download it on http://www.360docs.net/doc/info-03d9f249915f804d2b16c178.html

C must have a phone with iOS platform

D can get it without paying

26.Which of the following is a beginner more likely to choose?

A.The app similar to Tempo Run

B. The app with a coaching voice.

B.C. The app with audio updates. D. The app tracking your running routine.

27.In what way is Upbeat Workouts different from other apps?

A.It can run on iOS platform

B. It’s designed with songs in it.

C. It can choose songs according to your speed.

D. Users spend less time setting the playlist.

28.If you want to compete with other online, ________ is the best choice.


B. Get Running

C. Upbeat Workouts

D. Strava Run, iRace


Computer viruses are electronic programs that destroy information on a computer or cause the computer to stop working.

Computer experts say the “ I love you ” virus is one of the most dangerous they have ever seen. It began spreading May Fourth and quickly attacked computers in more than twenty countries. It may have caused a loss of 10 billion dollars in destroyed information and lost computer work time.

The virus got in each computer as electronic mail that appeared to be sent from a friend with title “ I love you.”When the computer user opened the message, the virus did several things. First, it found the computer’s address book and immediately mailed copies of itself to each computer address listed. It destroyed electronic pictures kept in the computer’s memory. It also searched for secret words used to protect computer information and attempted to steal them. The “I love you” virus quickly spread through computers used in governments and private businesses. Electronic address books in these computers quickly sent copies of the virus to other business computers. Within days the “ I love you ” virus had spread from computer to computer around the world.

Experts in computer crime are still investigating the incident. They have followed electronic evidence to the Philippines where there are no laws against this kind of computer activity. It is a crime in many countries, but not in the Philippines.

International legal experts say new laws are needed that ban computer programs like the “ I love you” virus. They say people who invent and spread harmful programs must be punished. Computer experts say as many as 50,000 computer viruses may now exist and they warn computer users to be careful about what electronic mail they open.

29.How does the “I love you” virus spread?

A.By finding the computer’s address book and mailing copies of itself.

B. By destroying the programs that protect computer information.

C. By sending virus from business computers to government computers.

D. By searching for secret words and attempting to steal them.

30.What can we infer from the text?

A.The “I love you” virus isn’t as dangerous as those ever seen.

B. The “I love you” virus can spread through the internet quickly.

C. The “I love you” virus copies electronic pictures in the computers.

D. The “I love you” virus doesn’t exist in the Philippines.

31.What do computer experts suggest?

http://www.360docs.net/doc/info-03d9f249915f804d2b16c178.htmlws should be made against computer viruses.

B. The government pay those who suffered a loss.

C. Computer users be careful when opening e-mails.

D. Those who invented the virus be punished


Rock-paper-scissors is a game played all around the world. 错误!未找到引用源。As kids, we have relied on it to settle disagreements with friends--from which channel to watch to who gets to eat the last ice cream--all because we think the results are completely random.

But are they?

Wang Zhijian, PhD, a professor at Zhejiang University,believes that there is a regulation behind this simple game. So, he gathered 360 students, divided them into groups of six and had each group play 300 rounds of rock-paper-scissors, reported USA Today.

After the first results, Wang thought he was wrong, because players chose each of the three moves about one-third of the time, suggesting that the game is random after all. However, Wang later noticed a surprising regulation of behavior in the data.

When players won a round, they usually stuck to the same choice. But when they lost,they tended to change to a more powerful move. For example, if Player A had just thrown down scissors to beat Player B's paper, Player A was more likely to throw down scissors again while Player B was likely to choose rock, since rock beats scissors.

According to Wang, this might be a function that is called “conditional response”. So, for the next step of his study, as he told BBC, Wang plans to do some research about how human brains make quick decisions when competing.

Now that you've learned how to predict the moves of your opponent, you’ll have an advantage next time you play rock-paper-scissors with your friends. But there is one problem:make sure they haven’t read about Wang's study, or your advantage will disappear.

32. What does the underlined word “ random” in the first paragraph probably mean?

A. Equal

B. Amusing

C. Unpredictable

D. Strange

33. What’s Wang’s discovery of the surprising regulation of behavior?

A. 300 rounds of rock-paper-scissors can be done at once

B. The game rock-paper-scissors is random after all.

C. The game is based on “conditional response”.

D. The response of players doesn’t seem random.

34. If Player A has used rock to beat Player B’s scissors, what will they probably do next?

A. Player A is more likely to choose scissors.

B. Player B is more likely to choose paper.

C. Player A is more likely to choose paper.

D. Player B is more likely to choose rock.

35. What will Wang study in the future?

A. How human brains make quick decisions in a competition.

B. The functions of the game that are planted into our brains.

C. How to improve players’ ability to predict opponents’ moves.

D. The psychological cause of the players who always win.


Effective time management is the primary means to a less stressful life. High school, especially during your senior year, can be frustrating (令人沮丧的). This is the time of your life when you are preparing yourself for college and the real world. 36

● Plan each day.

Planning your day can help you accomplish more and feel more in control of your life. Write a to-do list, putting the most important tasks at the top. 37

● Prioritize(按重要性排列) your weekly schedule as a student.

Prioritizing tasks will ensure that you spend your time and energy on those that are truly important to you.

38 Friends will want to hang out with you on the weekends, but they will understand if you explain to them that you need to study or catch up on college-related work.


Keep a diary of everything you do for three days to determine how you are spending your time. Look for time that can be used more wisely. For example, if you take a bus to school, you can use the time to catch up on reading. Thus, you can free up some time to exercise or spend with your family or friends.

● Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

40 It will help improve your efficiency so that you can complete your work in less time.

A.A healthy lifestyle can improve your focus and concentration.

B.How do you manage your time doing all your activities without being overly stressed?

C.Take a break before you need one.

D.Any academic studies must come first, then extra curriculum activities, and then social life.

E.Evaluate how you’re spending your time.

F.You need to try every possible means to save time.

G.Every daily activity should be considered seriously.



While my friend and I were having lunch the other day, a lady in a wheelchair was pushed by a waiter to the table next to us. He put an apron on her and 41 her a plate. We were 42 the lunch and I almost forgot the lady. But 43 something caught my attention. I couldn’t 44 but notice that she was alone, and that she was having a 45 time eating. She could hardly get her fork to her mouth. I looked at my 46 . An hour had passed and she was 47 alone.

Should I see 48 she needed my help or would I 49 her if I offered? Here we were sitting right next to her talking and laughing while she 50 to feed herself. While I kept up the appearance of a joyful time, my heart 51 inside.

After lunch, we walked on past her. As we approached the 52 , I knew I couldn’t leave all her alone 53 finding out if I could do something for her, so I 54 her table.

“Excuse me, but I 55 you are alone. I wondered if I could help you?”

56 she replied, “I… I would like to have a drink of water.”

I 57 glass and helped her put it to her 58 . She smiled and said, “You are an angel.”

I have never thought of myself as an angel, but the smile on her face and the 59 in her eyes told me we could all be angels to someone if we just won’t walk on by as if we haven’t seen a need. The beauty of her 60 will stay in my heart forever.

41 A sold B showed C lent D prepare

42 A ordering B enjoying C cooking D buying

43 A suddenly B immediately C gradually D quickly

44 A stand B help C wait D assist

45 A great B boring C difficult D relaxing

46 A table B food C plate D watch

47 A still B also C even D always

48 A when B if C how D where

49 A embarrass B shock C frighten D confuse

50 A managed B continued C pretended D struggled

51 A prayed B cried C beat D failed

52 A exit B table C street D restaurant

53 A by B without C after D in

54 A rush to B glanced at C return to D sat at

55 A suggested B hoped C noticed D expected

56 A Seriously B Coldly C Curiously D Doubtfully

57 A picked up B found out C cleaned up D took out

58 A seat B bag C lips D hands

59 A sorrow B secret C power D light

60 A personality B smile C kindness D action


A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree. A little boy came and 61 (lie) under it every day. He would climb to the tree top, eat the apples, and take a nap 62 the shade. He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.

In the 63 (follow) years, the boy came and cut the branches to build a house, used the trunk on 64 he used to climb to make a boat and then never showed up for a long time.

Finally, the boy returned. “Sorry, my boy, 65 I don't have anything for you anymore. No more

66 (apple) for you...” the tree said. “I don't have teeth 67 (bite),” the boy replied. “No more trunk for you to climb on.”“I am 68 old for that now,” the boy said. “I really can’t give you anything...the only thing 69 (leave) is my dying roots,” the tree said with tears. “I don't need much now, just a place to rest. I’m tired after all these years,” the boy replied. “Good! Old tree roots are 70 best place to lean on and rest. Come, come, sit down with me and rest.” The boy sat down and the tree was glad, smiling with tears.



In the summer holiday, we travelled to Qingdao and paid visit to my uncle there. It’s a long and bored journey. But the moment I arrived, I fall in love with the city. It’s such beautiful a city that I can hardly find any word to describe it. The streets are cleaning and the sky is blue. If you walk along the coast, you can feel the wind to blowing on your face. The sea is vast and sometimes you can find a boat or a ship. You may also do some fishing as far as it is permitted. Moreover, I think the driver there drive too fast in the street. You can never be too carefully when crossing the street.



1. 未能及时回复的原因;

2. 假期外出旅游、阅读小说,复习功课;

3. 新学期努力学习,争取考上理想大学

注意:1. 词数100左右; 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

Dear Tom,

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua




听力(20×1.5=30):1—5 BACCA 6—10 ABCBC 11—15 CAACB 16—20 ABCBA

阅读理解(15×2=30):21—24 CADB 25—28 DBCD 29—31 ABC 32—35 CDBA

七选五阅读填空(5×2=10):36—40 BGDEA

完形填空(20×1.5=30):41—45 DBABC 46—50 DABAD 51—55 BABCC 56—60 DACDB

语法填空(10×1.5=15):61. lay 62. under/in 63. following 64. which 65. but

66. apples 67. to bite 68. too 69. left 70. the



In the summer holiday, we travelled to Qingdao and paid ∧ visit to my uncle there.


It’s a long and bored journey. But the moment I arrived, I fall in love with the city.

boring fell

It’s such beautiful a city that I can hardly find any word to describe it. The streets are cleaning and so clean

the sky is blue. If you walk along the coast, you can feel the wind to blowing on your face.

The sea is vast and sometimes you can find a boat or a ship. You may also do some fishing as far as


it’s permitted. Moreover, I think the driver there drive too fast in the street. You can never be

However drivers

too careless when crossing the street.



One possible version:

Dear Tom,

I’m so glad to receive your email. I’m really sorry for this late reply.

Recently, I’ve been so busy with an important exam at the beginning of the new term that I failed to reply to your letter in time. As a senior III student, I had to devote most of my time to reviewing my lessons during the summer vacation. However, I still managed to spare some time to travel to several places of interest and read novels to refresh myself.

In the new term, I’ll work hard and try to make greater progress, hoping to be admitted to my dream university.

Best wishes. (105)

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua















































Text 1

W: Ah-oh. Somebody left his wallet here.

M: See if there is some kind of identification in it.

Text 2

W: Believe it or not, my baseball coach taught me a lot about being kind.

M: That really isn’t so unusual. After all, it isn’t always parents who teach us.

Text 3

M: Aren’t you taking on too much work? Life is meant for fun.

W: If I had less ambition, I could relax more. But I want to get a better job.

Text 4

W: Were there many people there?

M: Yes. The stadium was packed! Why don’t you come with us next time?

W: I’d love to! I’m free next weekend.

M: Oh, sorry. That was the last game of the season. I was talking about next year.

Text 5

M: I saw your brother on TV yesterday.

W: At the football match?

M: At a concert.

W: Yes, he takes photographs of everything now! He is working for a newspaper now.

Text 6

W: Mr Thomas, here’s your physical check-up result. The fact is, you are overweight.

M: I know. Everyone keeps telling me, my w ife keeps telling me, now you’re telling me.

W: It’s not good for your health at all.

M: Mmm. I just enjoy my food so much. I love chips, I love cakes, I love ice cream, I love chocolate! Food is part of my life.

W: It’s part of everyone’s life. I’m not recommending that you give up food altogether, but you’re going to have to change your habits.

Text 7

M: Oh, hello. Sorry to trouble you, but I want to ask about the check-out time.

W: It’s twelve noon, Mr Washington.

M: Yes, I thought so. In that case, I wonder if you can do me a favour.

W: Sure. If I can.

M: My flight doesn’t leave until late this afternoon. Is there any possibility of an extended check-out time? I don’t want to cause any problems. I’ll understand if you can’t do it.

W: Well, we’re busy today … but I could give you an extra hour. Will that help?

M: That’s a big help. Thanks.

Text 8

M: My goodness. What a terrible day!

W: Why, what happened?

M: Well, I was in the High Street and suddenly I saw a young man trying to steal an old lady’s handba g. I ran over and tried to take the bag away from the boy.

W: What, you were the only one who went to help?

M: Yes, everyone else just walked past. Then, a really silly thing happened. The boy ran off so I had the bag. But before I could give it back, the old lady thought I was trying to steal it as well, so she started to hit me with her umbrella!

W: Oh, dear. Next time you’ll think twice about helping someone.

M: I suppose so, but at least she apologized in the end.

Text 9

M: And Jane Adams is here with u s to let us know what’s happening around town this week. Hi, Jane.

W: Hi, Chris.

M: Well, what’ve you got for us?

W: Right, well, a fairly good week this week for music fans, especially if you’re into jazz. If you do like jazz, you really must try to see the famous American pianist Mo Davison and his band —they’re appearing at the Jazz Café in Market Street on Thursday. That starts at 8:00 p.m., tickets £10 in advance or £12 on the night. If you’re more into heavy metal, well, the American heavy metal kings Megablitz, they’re in town, and they’re playing at the Queen’s Hall on Friday of this week as part of their Eu ropean tour. Tickets on sale at the Queen’s Hall and through the usual ticket agencies. And finally for club goers there’s a new seventies so ul night at the Sound Club in Prince’s Street — sounds good.

M: OK. Thank you. Jane.

Text 10

M: Hi Raman. It’s Brad here. I’m afraid I won’t be in today. My son isn’t feeling well and he’s off school so I’ve got to take my son to the doctor. But do you remember the training meeting next week? You know, the one about the new computer system? I’ve organi z ed the trainer so there’s no need to contact him and I’ve booked the room, but there are a few other things that need doing. I need you to organize the projector that goes with the computer. You can do that with reception. And you’ll need to sort out lunch for about ten people. Yes, there’ll be ten of us. Talk to Alison at reception — she knows some good cafés we can order from. You can ask her to help you with it. And I need you to make sure that everyone has a notebook and a pen. Really sorry to leave all these things for you on a phone message. I might call you back this afternoon and see how you’ve got on. Bye for now.