Good afternoon, everyone!

As we know, Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Chinese people will get together and have a big dinner. When it comes, we children will have a good time, don’t we? But, in western country, people don’t celebra te Spring Festival, they celebrate Christmas. Although we must celebrate our traditional festivals because we are Chinese, we should also learn from the western. So today, we Class 3 and Class 6 get together, we are going to have a Christmas party to celebrate it. Do you think it is great?

At first, let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Chenxinyi.

My name is Linsiyuan.

My name is .....

My name is ......

But, this party is not only to have fun. We know, we are all good at English. So we are going to have an English match about words, sentences, songs and so on.

Well, let’s start.

First, we want you to answer a question. Do you know what Christmas means? (请同学回答)

Christmas Day is the birthday of Jesus Christ. When Christ was born, many people gave him parents. So today we will do the same thing to you. Understand? But if you want to get gifts, you must join us or answer our questions.

Now look at this poem. (出藏头诗)

Now let’s start the first game. “Passing the hat”. Listen to the music and pass the hat until it stops. If it is in your hands, stand up and answer the questions in English. (放音乐传帽子)