Charlie Chaplin 查理--卓别林(中英互译)


Charlie Chaplin 查理--卓别林

He was born in a poor area of South London. He wore his mother's old red stockings cut down for ankle socks. His mother was temporarily declared mad.Dickens might have created Charlie Chaplin's childhood. But only Charlie Chaplin could have created the great comic character of "the Tramp", the little man in rags who gave his creator permanent fame.


Other countries—France, Italy, Spain, even Japan—have provided more applause (and profit) where Chaplin is concerned than the land of his birth.Chaplin quit Britain for good in 1913 when he journeyed to America with a group of performers to do his comedy act on the stage, where talent scouts recruited him to work for Mack Sennett, the king of Hollywood comedy films. 就卓别林而言,其他国家,如法国、意大利、西班牙,甚至日本,都比他的出生地给予了他更多的掌声(和更多的收益)。在1913年,卓别林永久地离开了英国,与一些演员一起启程到美国进行舞台喜剧表演。在那里,他被星探招募到好莱坞喜剧片之王麦克·塞纳特的旗下工作。

Sad to say, many English people in the 1920s and 1930s thought Chaplin's Tramp a bit, well, "crude". Certainly middle-class audiences did; the working-class audiences were more likely to clap for a character who revolted against authority, using his wicked little cane to trip it up, or aiming the heel of his boot for a well-placed kick at its broad rear. All the same, Chaplin's comic beggar didn't seem all that English or even working-class. English tramps didn't sport tiny moustaches, huge pants or tail coats: European leaders and Italian waiters wore things like that. Then again, the Tramp's quick eye for a pretty girl had a coarse way about it that was considered, well, not quite nice by English

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