Interracial marriage

Interracial marriage

With the development of economic globalization, interracial marriage becomes more common than before, but it is still controversial. And I believe that there are many people can’t accept it, like me.

There are many difficulties to face in interracial marriage, including inside and outside of the marriage. As the both sides of the marriage, they will have many problems in daily life due to different culture background, such as language, customs, and so on. Maybe they love each other and get together quickly, but that’s not enough. If they get married, they should live with each other for a long time even all their life. Can Two people having so many differences still get together when their love lose its primary color as time goes. So we must think twice before that, to avoid something we’ll regret happening.

They get together overcoming many troubles about the marriages itself, but they still have to bear much stress from outside. The bilateral parents must be persuaded at first. But that’s not enough so far .So many things should be taken into consideration, such as the

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