必修五 Unit 1 Great scientiests

必修五Unit 1 Great scientiests 复习学案



1conclude vt.& vi.结束;推断出

conclude sth.with...就某事与某人达成协议;以……结束conclude sth.from...从……推断出……

arrive at/reach/come to/draw a conclusion得出结论make a conclusion下结论

to conclude= in conclusion总之;最后

In conclusion,people around the world should be aware of the real situation of water shortage.


When the group discussion is nearing its end,make sure to conclude it with important points(用几条要点作为结束).

2attend vt.照顾;出席;陪伴

attend school/class/church/meeting 上学/上课/做礼拜/参加会议attend to sb./sth.处理;照料;专心;

attend on/upon sb.伺候某人,照顾某人attendance n.出席,到场;出席人数

I always have so many things to attend to when I come back to the company after a trip abroad.

Thousands of people attended the ceremony.

3expose v.暴露;揭露;使曝光

expose...to使显露;暴露(let out , give away ) be exposed to暴露于;经受……

expose sb.to...让某人接触某物;使某人暴露于……

They had not been exposed to most diseases common to urban populations.


Exposed to the sun for too much time, you will get sunburned.

________ yourself to the sun for too much time, you will get sunburned.

4cure vt.&n. 治疗治愈

cure sb.of...治愈某人的……;矫正某人的(习惯)……treat sb for sth 治疗某人某种疾病

同样用法的还有:remind, warn, reform, rob, convince sb of sth

I hope the doctor can cure the pain in my shoulder(治好我肩膀的疼痛),but they haven’t found an effective cure.

5control v.& n.控制;支配

beyond one’s control超过某人控制范围be under control处于控制之下

be in control of sth. 控制着in the control of受…的管理

out of control失控;无法管理lose control of无法控制

You must learn how to control yourself. 你必须学会控制自己的情绪。

6 absorb v.吸收,吸引,使专心

absorb one’s attention吸引某人的注意absorb water / knowledge 吸收水分/知识

absorb...from...从……中吸收……absorb sb in sth = be absorbed in全神贯注于

Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and moisture from the soil.


思考表示“全神贯注”的常见短语还有:be lost in,be buried in,fix/focus one’s attention on,devote...to,concentrate one’s mind on,apply oneself to,be addicted to等。


When deeply ____________in work,which he often was,he would forget all about eating or sleeping.

He had an____________ look on his face.

7suspect vt.怀疑;认为;n.被怀疑者;嫌疑犯

suspect sb.to be+n./adj.怀疑某人……suspect sb.of doing sth.怀疑某人做了某事

be suspicious of/about...对……怀疑

The above complaints are,I suspect,just the tip of the iceberg.我想,以上的抱怨只是冰山一角。

He resigned after being suspected of theft. 他被怀疑有偷窃行为,随后就辞职了。

—What happened to him?

—He was suspected of stealing the ring at the party last night,and the police were looking into the matter.

8 blame v.把……归咎于,责怪,指责

blame sb.for...因……而指责某人;把……归咎于某人blame sth.on sb.把某事归咎于某人

lay/put the blame for sth.on sb.把某事归咎于某人身上

be to blame for sth. 应承担责任;该受责备 accept/bear/take the blame for...对……负责;为……承担责任

To be honest, it was Su’s fault,but Li was also to blame.


Everybody knows that he is supposed to be to blame for this.人人皆知他应该为此受到责备。

The president put the blame completely on his opponent.总统把责任完全推给了他的对手。

9 announce vt.宣布,宣告;通知;声称;预示

It is announced that...据称;据宣布…announce to sb.sth./that...向某人宣布…

make an announcement下通知;宣布

She was planning to announce her engagement to Peter. 她正计划宣布她和彼得订婚一事。

特别提醒announce后不跟双宾语,可以说announce sth to sb.。类似不接双宾语的动词还有:explain,say,report,describe,suggest,mention,express等。

10 contribute vt.& vi.捐献;捐助 投稿

contribute...to...把……贡献给……contribute to有助于;导致=result in/lead to

make a contribution/contributions to对……作出贡献/捐款

He contributed a lot of good ideas to the discussion.他在这次讨论中提出很多好的想法。

Would you like to make a contribution to the hospital building fund? 你愿意为医院建设基金捐款吗?

11 defeat vt.打败;战胜;使受挫n失败


(1)defeat和beat都可接sb.作宾语,一般可以互换,其宾语通常是“人”或“一个团体”,如a team,a class,a school,an army等。另外,defeat还可用于指战争中“击败”敌军或入侵者。


12 valuable adj.值钱的;贵重的;有价值的(常pl.)贵重物品

value n.价值;估价;评价;(数)值

be valuable to sb./for sb./sth.对……有益/有价值be of great value (to sb./sth.) (对……)很有价值


1 put forward提出,建议;推荐;将……提前

put away将……收起;把……放回原处;积蓄put aside忽视;不理睬;储存put off延期put out扑灭

put down记下,镇压put in放入,加进put on穿上,演出put up举起,张贴,公布,挂起,建造

2apart/aside from除……之外;此外

表示“除……之外”的短语:,apart from/aside from,besides,except或except for。

(1)除……之外(都)(=except/except for)

(2)除……之外(还);此外(=besides)=in addition to

(3)与apart相关的短语:take...apart将……拆开tell A and B apart分辨出A与B

①All the students took part in the sports meeting apart from Tom.

②We need three more chairs apart from these two.

3 make sense有意义,讲得通

in a sense在某种意义上;在某种程度上in no sense决不;无论如何make sense of弄懂…的意思;理解

a sense of humor/direction/beauty/duty 幽默感/方向感/美感/责任感

There is no sense in doing...做某事是不明智的。

I thought what he said made sense and I got in touch with him.我认为他所说的有道理,并与他取得了联系。

Do you have a good sense of direction? 你的方向感好不好?


1 co-operative adj. 合作的co-operation n.

2 cautious adj. 小心的caution n. curious adj. 好奇的curiosity n.

3 universe n. 宇宙universal adj. 普遍的,

4. characteristic (n.) 特征,特性character 性格,品质;特性;角色;

5 challenge n.挑战;vt.向……挑战challenging adj.

6.enthusiastic adj.热情的;热心的enthusiasm n.热情

7.pollute vt.污染;弄脏pollution n. 污染polluted adj. 被污染了的

8.instruct vt.命令;指示;教导instruction n.说明;指示

9.announce vt.宣布;通告announcement n.通告

10.handle n.柄;把手;vt.处理;操纵

11.link vt.& n.连接;联系link A to B 连接A和B

12.analyse/analyze vt.分析analysis n.分析analyses (pl.) 同:basis n.基本--bases(pl.)

13.reject vt.拒绝;不接受;抛弃(同义词refuse decline turn down)

14.scientific adj.科学的science n.科学scientist 科学家with the development of since and technology 15.painter n. 画家painting n. 绘画paint vt. 画,喷漆

16.expert 专家an expert in sth (同:specialist)

17.certainty n. 确定certain adj. certainly adv. it is certain that ...

18.responsibility n. 责任responsible adj. be responsible for sth 对...负责

19.construct vt. 建设construction n. constructive adj. 有建设性的

20.creative adj. 创造性地create vt.


1 So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak.


every time 在此引导时间状语从句,意为“每次,每当”,类似地,immediately, the moment, instantly 等也可以引导时间状语从句,意为“一……就……”。

(1)每次我去找他,他都在专心看书。__________I went to see him, he was absorbed in reading.

(2)我一见到她就把这本书给了她。I gave the book to her ____________________________I saw her.

2.So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak.


3.To prevent this from happening again,John Snow suggested that the source of all the water supplies be examined.


4.Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense.


5.He placed a fixed sun at the centre of the solar system with the planets going round it and only the moon still going round the earth.



1.Astronomy is the___________(science) study of the sun,moon,stars and other heaven bodies.

2.Your information is inaccurate and your_____________(conclude) is therefore wrong.

3.We agreed with his acute______________(analyze) of the political situation.

4.Nothing is more ____________(value) than time,but nothing is less valued.

5.Our cook’s sudden _________________(announce) that she was leaving took us quite by surprise.

6.He became a __________________(construct) worker after he left school.

7.The Chinese people have made a great _______________(contribute) to the whole world.

8.I put forward a plan but he did not appear___________________(enthusiasm) about it.

9.The leadership of the_________________(move) are in agreement on this issue.

10.That painful experience makes them ____________________(caution) in the future.