GP-12早期生产遏制 GP-12 Early Production Containment
Thomas Gorman

A Strategy For Implementation
什么是GP-12 What is GP-12 为什么需要GP-12 Why we need GP-12 How to implement GP-12 如何执行GP-12

Vision Statement
GP-12 is an attempt to protect the Supplier, SGM, and the Customer from surprises GP-12的目的是尽力避免供应 商、SGM以及客户处发生意外 的质量事故。

Goal and Objective 目标与目的
The desired goal is to have a 期望的目标是使问题自然暴露, problem free launch and a 平稳地进入正常生产阶段。 smooth progression into normal production The desired objective is put in 期望的目的是 在 早期 place extra measures in early 生 产阶段, 实施额外的 检验控制手段, 以保证 production that will be effective in keeping supplier 在供应商现场发现并解 problems in their own plant. 决质量问题。

Why Are We Talking About Early Production? 为何讨论早期生产?
SGM suffers more problems at launch than after 在生产初期SGM往往遇到更多的质量问题。 u learning curve 知识曲线 u Surprises 意外质量事故 Suppliers often conduct poor APQP 供应商常实施不合格的APQP u merely a paper exercise 仅仅纸上谈兵 u human imagination is limited 有限的个人想象 u limited time, various changes 有限的时间,多样的变化

Why Are We Talking About GP-12 Today? 为何今天讨论GP-12
IF suppliers do a pre-launch control plan: 如果供应商制作一份试生产控制计划: u it is often poorly thought out 常常缺乏认真思考。 u it is really the plan they expect to roll into normal production 实际上他们是想将之应用在正常生产中。 u it is not good protection for SGM 这无法向SGM很好地负责。 Suppliers are overly confident 供应商过度自信 u supply other customers with lower quality standards 提供较低的质量标准给其他客户。 u it is difficult to see your own flaws 很难发现自身缺点。

GP-12 Scope
Applies to all suppliers required to use PPAP 适用于所有要求使用PPAP的供应商。 Used for pre-production and production requirements that require PPAP 应用于要求使用PPAP的试生产和批量生产。 Carry-over quality concerns should be addressed using Controlled Shipping 遗留的质量问题应通过控制发运来解决。

GP-12 Definition and Purpose GP-12定义与用途
Document efforts to control processes during start-up and acceleration 在生产启动和加速阶段,过程控制文件化。 Quality issues that arise are quickly contained at the suppliers location 在供应商现场迅速遏制所发生的质量问题。 Pre-Launch Control Plan 试生产控制计划 u validate production control plan 评审生产控制计划

GP-12 Supplier Responsibility GP-12供应商职责
Establish containment process建立遏制流程 u Identify person responsible确定负责人员 u Develop a Pre-Launch Control Plan 制定试生产控制计划 u Develop additional containment 制定附加的遏制政策 u Prompt containment 及时遏制 u Identification of equipment and device 标明设备及装置 Use GP-12 for specified period 指定时期应用GP-12 Green dot 绿色圆形标签
ed: Sign r nage Ma nior Se
级经理 高 签名

Pre-Launch Control Plan 试生产控制计划
Increased frequency / sample size 增加频率/样品数量 Sub-supplier containment 分供方遏制 Addition of inspection / control items 附加检验/控制项目 Increased verification of labeling 增加对标识的检查 Enhancement of process controls, such as error proofing 加强过程控制,例如防错 Error proofing validation by introducing known defects 通过对已知缺陷的分析确认防错 Increased involvement and visibility of top management 加强高层管理的参与性与透明度

GP-12 Exit Criteria GP-12退出准则
Supplier can exit GP-12 if 若满足以下条件,供应商可退出GP-12 u no non-conformances 没有不符合项 u meet number of piece or period of time requirement 零件数量或生产时间符合要求 u approved by SQE SQE批准 If non-conformances found 若已发现了不符合项 u PR/R’s closed by customer 客户关闭PR/R u Control plan validated 控制计划得到验证

Recommendations 建议
Make sure pre-launch control plan is a key part of APQP 确信试生产控制计划是APQP的关键部分 u appendix A-8 附录A-8 Clearly differentiate between production controls and pre-launch controls 明确区分生产控制与试生产控制 u also use a summary sheet 同样使用总结表 GP-12 reviews GP-12 回顾
with fellow SQE 与SQE同事 with launch team 与生产小组成员 with GP-12 core person 与GP-12核心成员
Treat GP-12 like a Controlled Shipping containment 对待GP-12如同控制发运遏制政策

Benefits of GP-12 GP-12的利益
With improved GP-12 随着改进的GP-12 u fewer problems at our plant 更少的问题在生产现场发生
at launch 生产启动时 after launch 生产启动后
Improved 改进
PFMEA 过程失效模式分析 error proofing 防错 understanding of process 理解工艺 understanding of controls 理解控制
better supplier performance 更好的供应商表现
lower PRR containment costs 较低的PRR遏制成本 avoid CS1 and CS2 costs 避免一级/二级发运控制成本

Some Practical Suggestions 一些实践建议
Develop 100% audit and check like a CS1 plan 实施100%审核以及象一级发运控制计划一样检查 u check for missed operations 检查漏加工
missing holes, taps, parts 漏孔、漏接头、漏零件
develop functional gages 开发功能性检具 u check for process damage 检查工艺失误 u review old PRR and quality data 回顾老的PRR和质量数据 Identify customer interfaces 确定客户界面 u SGM and final customer SGM以及最终客户 Clearly highlight all GP-12 features in Pre-Launch Control Plan 在试 生产控制计划中,清晰地突出所有GP-12 要点。 Document everything you find clearly, and follow-up to prevent and detect in normal process 仔细记录发现的每个问题,并跟踪以便在正常生产中及时预防和观 测同样的问题。

More Suggestions 进一步建议
Use the provided checklist 利用所提供的检查清单。 Use separate audit area, do not disrupt normal production 在不影响正常生产的前提下,利用分离的审核区域。 Use display board to post instructions, data, and action plans 利用陈列板张贴作业指导书、质量数据及反应计划。 Train audit team 培训审核队伍。
Display Board
GP-12 AUDIT AREA 审核区域 GP-12审核区域

Progress Charts 过程图
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