Factory Acceptance Test Report


Lens Factory Acceptance Test Report

Factory Acceptance Test Report

Test Content:

1. Lens Appearance: □ OK □ Damaged

2. IR Calibration: □ Yes □ No

3. Mount Adapter Lock: □ Yes □ No

4. Focusing Lock: □ Yes □ No

5. Zoom Lock: □ Yes □ No

6. Iris Lock: □ Yes □ No

7. Sliding Structure: □ Yes □ No

8. Specification:

● Image Size: □ 1/3” □ 1/2”

● Interface Type: □ CS □ C

● Iris Operation: □ Manual □ Motorized

□ Auto (DC) □ Video Drive

● Focusing Operation: □ Manual □ Motorized

● Zoom Operation: □ Manual □ Motorized

● Iris: □ F/1.0 □ F/1.2 □ F/1.4

□ F/1.6 □ F/1.8

● Focal Length (mm

Whether does the actual near end focal length error satisfy±10% □ Yes □ No Whether does the actual near end focal length error satisfy± 5% □ Yes □ No ● Max. Outside Diameter (mm ): Ф

● Total Length (mm ):

● Weight (g):

Test Date:

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