The village is maned after the high montain that lies before him.


When do you think it's the most possible to find him at home?


The committee members have different opinions on the best location of the new airport.


In terms of hobbies Jenny nearly has no common with her sister .


That little girl ran so fast that she lost her balance and felldown.


I believe in the theory that the higher animals developed from the lower ones.


Do you think that bus drivers should take full responsibility for the safety of passengers?


The head of the sports delegation beamed with delight when a young pioneer presented him with a bunch of flowers.


We anticipate that we will encounter resistance to our poan.


The local residents have an enthusiastic reaction to the new safety precautions.


11 . Where there is a will, there is a way.


12 . He is a man who always does things according to principles


13. The boy was sitting in a corner of the room. He ran toward the door as soon as he saw his

mother coming in


14. Bad weather has caused a delay in the launching of the satellite


15. The police dog are specially trained to search and find burglary suspects.



Thomas Jefferson was not only a man of ideas, he was also a man of 16 a_ction__. He believed that , rather than simply learn from reading, one should engage in 17 p_ersonal__ investigations to gain knowledge from its 18 s_ource___----the world and the people. He also believed that one could 19 o_btain__ valuable knowledge not only from 20 e_xpert__ people of higher classes, but from people of humble 21 o_rigins___. Jefferson felt that one must think for himself rather than simply seek 22 a_greement__ with others; and that it was wrong to 23 g_o__ out of one’s way to avoid disagreement or 24 c_onflict__. In spite of his critics, Jefferson 25 c_onstantly__ held to and 26 a__cted__ 27 o_n___ his own beliefs. Americans owe much to Thomas Jefferson for the legacy of ideas and examples he 28 l_eft___ 29b_ehind____.


30.His _surprising__(surprise) recovery delighted everyone of us

31.When I entered the room, I noticed a _surprised____(surprise) look come over her face

32.The _excited____(excite) crowd rushed into the mayor’s office and _surprised___(interest)

passers-by soon gathered around the building

33.The _frihgtened___(frighten ) children burst into tears

34.Nearly half of the __bored____(bore)audience had left the meeting before the

_closing__(close) address\

35.The talks were held behind _closed__(close) doors

36.The schoolboys were frozen into complete silence as they saw the _frightened___(frighten )

look on their master’s face

37.To prepare for the interview, he had put on his best suit and polished his shoes, and now ,as

he entered the office, he wore a _winning___(win) smile on his face

38.The film, though _amusing___(amuse),is not likely to engage the attention of a

_thinking____(think) audience

39.It’s no use thinking too much about one’s_lost____(lose) youth

40. A man cannot be really happy if what he enjoys _doing_____ (do) is ignored by society as of

no value or importance.

41.Some proverbs __have been_____ (be) in the language for 1,000 years, for example, a friend

in need is a friend indeed.

42.Anyone __who wants____ (want) to understand the industry of the future will have to know

about robotics.

43.The nations that __are___ actively _involved_____ (involve) in earthquake prediction

programs include Japan, China, Russia, and the United States.

44.It is a well-known fact that a person will move in a circle when he cannot use his eyes __to

control___ (control) his direction.

45.In 1991, after the gulf war, bush's approval rating reached 91 percent, the highest level

recorded since polling __began_____ (begin) in the 1930s.

46.As research techniques become more advanced, the number of animals _used______ (use) in

experiments may decrease.

47.Seeing violence one television or reading about it in the newspapers every day __makes___

(make) us tolerate crime more than we should.

48.The ___farther____ (far) away we get from the earth, the thinner the air becomes.

49.They demanded that the right to vote _be given_____ (give) to every adult person.


50.He didn’t __B___ and so he failed the examination

A.work enough hard

B.work hard enough

C.hard work enough

D.hard enough work

51.The two boys had so _C__ in common that they soon became good friends

A .little

B .few

C .much

D .many

52.As fuel prices rose, bus companies raised their fares and _A__

A .so did the airlines

B .nor did the airlines

C. so the airlines did D .nor the airlines did

53.If Dorothy had not been badly hurt in a car accident,_D___ in last month’s marathon race

A .she would participate

B .she might participate

C. she would have participated

D. she must have participated

54.I am afraid I won’t have any influence over my 18-year-old daughter _C__her mind is made


A. the moment

B. as soon as C .once D .since

55.It was because the applicant was too conceited _A__he failed in the interview

A .that B. so that C. so D.therefore

56.Beth _C___California in 1981 and ____ in Texas ever since

A .left----worked

B .has left ----has worked

C.left ----has worked D .has left ----worked

57.Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature_D___

A. taking

B. to take

C. take

D. taken

58.Bob tried in vain to trick his little brother _A___ some money from their mother’s purse

A .to steal B. to stealing C .into steal D. into stealing

59.I was _C___to find his article on such an _____topic so____

A. surprised ,excited, bored B .surprising, exciting, boring

C .surprised exciting boring D. surprising excited bored

60.—my glasses? D

—Yes, I saw them on your bed a minute ago.

A. Do you see

B. Had you seen

C. Would you see

D. Have you seen

61.—When shall we meet again? B

—Make it day you like; it's all the same to me.

A .one B. any C. another D. some

62.Johnny, you play with the knife, you hurt yourself. B

A. won't;can't

B. mustn't; may

C. shouldn't; must

D. can't; shouldn't

63.—I'm sorry I broke your mirror. B

—Oh, really?.

A .It's OK with me B. It doesn't matter

C. Don't be sorry

D. I don't care

64.I'll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just have a little C.

A. wait

B. time

C. patience

D. rest

65.How beautifully she sings! I have never heard D.

A. the better voice

B. a good voice

C. the best voice

D. a better voice

66.Tom felt that he knew everybody's business better than they knew it A.

A. themselves

B. oneself

C. itself

D. himself

67.Many people agree that knowledge of English is a must in international trade

today. A

A. a; 不填

B. the; an

C. the; the

D. 不填; the

68.The number of people invited fifty, but a number of them absent for different

reasons. C

A. were; was

B. was; was

C. was; were

D. were; were

69.We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining D.

A. badly

B. hardly

C. strongly

D. heavily

70.After living in Paris for fifty years he returned to the small town he grew up as a child. B

A. which

B. where

C. that

D. when

71.Helen her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband home. D

A. has left; comes

B. left; had come

C. has left; came

D. had left;would come

72.The patient was warned oily food after the operation. C

A. to eat not

B. eating not

C. not to eat

D. not eating

73.You didn't let me drive. If we in turn, you so tired. D

A. drove, didn't get

B. drove; wouldn't get

C. were driving; wouldn't ge

D. had driven; wouldn't have got

74.—Can I help you, sir? D

—Yes. I bought this radio here yesterday, but it.

A. didn't work

B. won't work

C. can't work

D. doesn't work

75.It is wise to have some money for old age. A

A. put away

B. kept up

C. given away

D. laid up

76.we can't get seems better than we have. A

A. What;what

B. What;that

C. That;that

D. That;what

77.in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. C

A. Losing

B. Having lost

C. Lost

D. To lose

78.I love to go to the seaside in summer. It good to lie in the sun or swim in

the cool sea. B

A. does

B. feels

C. gets

D. makes

79.we'll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. B

A. If

B. Whether

C. That

D. Where



We walked in so quietly that the nurse at the desk didn't even lift her eyes from the book. Mum pointed at a big chair by the door and I knew she wanted me to sit down. While I watched mouth open is surprise, Mum took off her hat and coat and gave them to me to hold. She walked quietly to the small room by the lift and took out a wet mop. She pushed the mop past the desk and as the nurse looked up, Mum nodded and said, "Very dirty floors. "

"Yes, I'm glad they've finally decided to clean them, "the nurse answered. She looked at Mum strangely and said, "But aren't you working late?"

Mum just pushed harder, each swipe(拖一下)of the mop taking her farther and farther down the hall. I watched until she was out of sight and the nurse had turned back to writing in the big book.

After a long time Mum came back. Her eyes were shining. She quickly put the mop back and took my hand. As we turned to go out of the door, Mum bowed politely to the nurse and said, "Thank you."

Outside, Mum told me, "Dagmar is fine. No fever. "

"You saw her, Mum?"

"Of course. I told her about the hospital rules, and she will not expect us until tomorrow. Dad will stop worrying as well. It's a fine hospital. But such floors!A mop is no good. You need a brush."

80.When she took a mop from the small room what Mum really wanted to do was B.

A. to clean the floor

B. to please the nurse

B. to see a patient D. to surprise the story-teller

81.When the nurse talked to Mum she thought Mum was a. D

A. nurse

B. visitor

C. patient

D. cleaner

82.After reading the story what can we infer about the hospital? B

A. It is a children's hospital.

B. It has strict rules about visiting hours.

C. The conditions there aren't very good.

D. The nurses and doctors there don't work hard.

83.From the text we know that Dagmar is most likely A

A. the story-teller's sister

B. Mum's friend

C. the story-teller's classmate

D. Dad's boss

84.Which of the following words best describes Mum? C

A. strange

B. warm-hearted

C. clever

D. hard-working


Most animals have little connection with animals of a different kind, unless they hunt them for food. Sometimes, however, two kinds of animals come together in a partnership(伙伴关系)which does good to both of them. You may have noticed some birds sitting on the backs of sheep. This is not because they want a ride, but because they find easy food in the parasites (寄生虫)on sheep. The sheep allow the birds to do so because they remove the cause of discomfort. So although they can manage without each other, they do better together.

Sometimes an animal has a plant partner. The relationship develops until the two partners cannot manage without each other. This is so in the corals(珊瑚)of the sea. In their skins they have tiny plants which act as"dustman", taking some of the waste products from the corals and giving in return oxygen which the animal needs to breathe. Ifthe plants are killed, or are even prevented from light so that they cannot live normally, the corals will die.

85.Some birds like to sit on a sheep because A.

A. they can eat its parasites

B. they depend on the sheep for existence

C. they enjoy travelling with the sheep

D. they find the position most comfortable

86.The underlined word"they"in the last sentence of the first paragraph refers to B

A. birds and parasites

B. birds and sheep

C. parasites and sheep

D. sheep, birds and parasites

87.It can be learnt from the text that the coral depends on the plant for.D

A. comfort

B. light

C. food

D. oxygen

88.What does the second paragraph mainly discuss? A

A. Some animals and plants depend on each other for existence.

B. Some animals and plants develop their relationship easily.

C. Some plants depend on each other for food.

D. Some animals live better together.


The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beauful sunset over the

ocean.so that the audiences could see his bero and hcroine in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each other for ever.He sent his camera crew(摄制组)out one eviningto film the sunset for him . The next morning he said to the men,“Have you provided me with that sunset?”“No .sir.”the men answered. The director was angry .“Why not?”he asked.“Well ,sir,”one of the men answered.“we’re on the east coast here ,and the sets in the west.We can get you a sunrise over the sea .if necessary.but not a sunset.”“But I want a sunset!”the director shouted.“Go to the airport .take the next flight to the west coast ,and get one.”But then a young secretary had an idea.“Why don’t you photograph a sunrise.”she suggested.“and then play it backwards? Then it’ll look like a sunset.”The camera crew went out early the next morning and filmed a bright sunrise ove the beach in the middle of a beautful bay(海湾)。Then at nine o’clock they took it to the director.“Here it is sir.”they said ,and gave it to him.H e was very pleased. They all went into the studio(摄影棚).“All right.”the director explained.“now our hero and heroine are going to say good-bye.Run the film backwards so that we can see the ‘sunset bchind them.’”

The “sunser ”began,but after a quarter of a m inute,the director suddenly put his face in his hands and shouted to the camera crew to stop. The birds in the film were flying backwards.and the waves on the sea were going away from the beach.

89.One evening.the director sent his camera crew out ____C____

A.to watch a beautiful sunset

B.to find an actor and an sctres

C.to film a scene on the sea

D.to meet the audlence

90.Why did the director want to send his crew to the west coast D

Abecause he changed his mind about getting a sunset .

B.Because he was angry with his crew.

C.because it was his secretary’s suggestion.

D.Bccause he wanted to get a scene of sunset.

91.Which of the foolowing is NOT true? D

A .The crew had to follow the secretary’s advice.

B. If you want to see a sunrise.the cast coast is the place to go to .

C .The camera crew wasn’t able to film the scene the first day.

D. The director ordered his crew to stop filming the“sunset”.

92.The director wanted to film a sunset over the occan because__A_____-.

A. it went well with the separation of the hero and the heroine

B. when they arrived at the beach it was already in the evening

C .it was more moving than a sunrise

D. the ocean looked more beauiful at sunset

93.After the “sunset ”began,the director suddenly put his face in his hands___B___.

A.becayse ge was nived ti tears.

B.as he saw everything in the film moving backwards.

C.as the sunrise did not look as beautiful as he had imagined

D.because he was disappointed with the performance of the hero and heroine


I came to study in the United States a year ago .Yet I did not know the real American cociety until I was injuned in a car accident because after the accident I had to see a doctor and go to court(法庭)。After the accident .my roommate called a doctor for me.Iwas very grateful and determined to repay him one day.But the next day.he asked me to pay him S200 for what he had done.I was astonished.He had good reason to charge me ,he said.And if I wanted to collect money form the person who was re sponsible for my injury.i’d have to have a good lawyer.And only a good doctor can help me get a good lawyer .Now that he had helped me find a good doctor ,it was only fair that I should pay him. But every I went to see the doctor.I had to wait about 50 minutes .He would see two or three patients at the same time .and often stop treating one so as to see another.Yet he charged me $115 each time .The final examination report consisted of ten lines.and it caost me $215 . My lawyer was all smiles the first time we met .But after that he avoided seeing me at all.He knew very well the other party was respoasible for the accident.yet he hardly did anything.He simply waited to collect his money.He was so imesponsible that I decided to dismiss(解雇) him .And he made me pay him s770. Now I had to act as my own lawyer.Dae to my inexpenence.I told the insurance company the date I was leaving America.Knowing that.they played for time.…and I left without getting a cent. My expeiences taught me two things about America:firstly,in a country like America money is everything.It is more important than friendship ,honour or professional morality (职业道德)Secondly.foreigners are still being unfairly treated.So when we talk about America.we should see both its good and bad sides.

94.The au thor’s roommated offered to help him because___B____.

A.he felt sorry for the author

B. he thought it was a chance to make some money

C. he knew the doctor was a very good one

D. he wanted the author to have a good lawyer

95. A good doctor is essential for the author to __A_______.

A. be properly treated

B. talk with the person responsible for the accident

C .recover before he leaves America

D .eventually get the responsible party to pay for his injury

96.The word“charge”in this passage means___C______-.

A.be responsible


C.ask as a price


97.Both the docto and the lawyer in this passage are very___B_____.





98.What conclusion can you draw from the story? D

A. Going to court is something very common in America.

B. One must be very careful whicle driving a car.

C .There are more bad sides in America than good sides.

D .Money is more important than other things in the US.




Directions: Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of the italicized word on the left of each sentence.

1.spend In the past few years the factory _has spent____ a lot of money improving its

working conditions.

2.frighten The _frightened___children burst into tears

3.survive His_survival____ is still uncertain; he has been very badly hurt and may die.

4.perform The first American _performance___of this opera was in 1926.

5.surprise When I entered the room, I noticed a _surprised___look come over her face.

6.close The talks were held behind _closed__ doors.

7.pollute Man must stop _polluting___ the earth’s atmosphere.

8.threat Their lives were frequently _threatened____ by gas explosion.

9.fortune The boy is _fortanate___ to have had the help and guidance of such a learned uncle.

10.practice Your suggestion is a good one, but there are some _practical___ difficulties in our



11.Tony is going camping with ___ boys. C

A. little two other

B. two little other

C. two other little

D. little other two

12.—How's the young man? B

—____ .

A. He's twenty

B. He's much better

C. He's a doctor

D. He's David

13.We offered him our congratulations ____ his passing the college entrance exams. C

A. at

B. of

C. for

D. on

14.If you keep on, you'll succeed ____ . B

A. in time

B. at one time

C. at the same time

D. on time

15.Charles Babbage is generally considered ___C_ the first computer.

A. to have invented

B. inventing

C. to invent

D. having invented

16._B___ down the radio—the baby's asleep in the next room.

A. Turning

B. Turn

C. Turned

D. To turn

17.I was disappointed with the film. I had expected __D__ to be much better.

A. that

B. this

C. one

D. it

18.—I don't like chichen fish.

—I don't like chichen _C___ , I like fish very much.

A. and; and

B. and; but

C. or; but

D. or; and

19._A___ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present.

A. What

B. That

C. The fact

D. The matter

20.In come parts of the world, tea __B__ with milk and sugar.

A. is serving

B. is served

C. serves

D. served

21.--Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?

--I'm afraid__A___day is possible.





22.--You haven't been to Beijing,have you?

--__D___.How I wish to go there!

A.Yes,I have

B.Yes,I haven't

C.No,I have

D.No,I haven't

23.I hate__A___when people talk with their mouths full.





24.Dr,Black comes from either Oxford or Cambridge,I can't remember_A____.





25.--Nancy is not coming tonight.

--But she__B___!


B.promised \

C.will promise

D.had promised

26.If I had__C___,I'd visit Europe,stopping at all the small interesting places.

A.a long enough holiday

B.an enough long holiday

C.a holiday enough long

D.a long holiday enough

27.Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lightshappened to___D__.

A.bi put up

B.give in

C.be turned on

D.go out

28.--When can I come for the photos?I need them tomorrow afternoon.

--They_A____be ready by 12:00.





29.Professor White has written some short stories,but he is__C___known for his plays.

A.the best



D.the most

30.--Can I get you a cup of tea?


A.That's very nice of you

B.With pleasure

C.You can,please

D.Thank you for the tea



On the evening of June 21,1992,a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes entered the beautiful hall of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi'an with his bicycle . The hotel workers received him and teleponed the manager, for they had never seen a bicycle in the hotel hall before though they lived in "the kingdom of bicycles".

Robert Friedlander, an American ,arrived in Xi'an on his bicycle trip across Asia which started last December in New Delhi, India.When he was 11, he read the book Marco Polo and made up his mind to visit the Silk Road . Now, after 44 years, he was on the Silk Road in Xi'an and his early dreams were coming true.

Robert Friedlander's next destinations (目的地)were Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Urumqi, etc. He will complete his trip in Pakistan.

31. The best headline (标题) for his newspaper article would be __D_____.

A.The Kingdom of Bicycles

B. A Beautiful Hotel in Xi'an

C. Marco Polo and the Silk Road

D. An American Achieving His Aims

32. The hotel workers told the manager about Friedlander coming to the hotel because


A. he asked to see the manager

B. he entered the hall with a bike

C. the manager had to know about all foreign guests

D. the manager knew about his trip and was expecting him

33. Friedlander is visiting the three countries in the following order: __B_____.

A. China, India, and Pakistan

B. India, China, and Pakistan

C. Pakistan, China, and India

D. China, Pakistan, and India

34. What made Friedlander want to come to China? A

A. The stories about Marco Polo.

B. The famous sights in Xi'an.

C. His interest in Chinese silk.

D. His childhood dreams about bicycles.

35. Friedlander can be said to be ___D____.

A. clever

B. friendly

C. hardworking

D. strong-minded


A young man from a village called Nawalapitiya married a young woman from Maliyuwa, a nearby village. They lived with the man's big family—his parents, his brothers, their wives and children. The family kept an elephant , in which the young woman soon took a great interest. Every day she fed it with fruit and sugar.

Three months later the woman went back to her parents' home, having quarrelled with her husband . Soon the elephant refused to eat and work. It appeared to be ill and heart-broken. One morning after several weeks the animal disappeared from the house.

It went to the woman's home . On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her with it. The young woman was so moved(感动) by the act of the animal that she returned to her husband's home.

36. The writer wrote the story in order to ____D___.

A. show that elephants are very clever

B. tell how a woman trained a wild animal

C. show that women care more for animals than men do

D. tell how an animal reunited a husband and wife

37. The woman left her new home _C______.

A. to visit her own parents in Maliyuwa

B. to see if the elephant would follow her

C. because she was angry with her husband

38. After the young woman left her husband's home, the elephant __B_____.

A. returned to the forest

B. was sad because it missed her

C. went to look for a new home

D. was sick because nobody fed it

39. The young wife went back to her husband because _B______.

A. she knew he had sent the animal to her

B. the elephant had come to look for her

C. her parents persuaded her to

D. she missed her new home

C For thousands of years, man has enjoyed the taste of apples. Apples, which are about 85 percent water, grow almost everywhere in the world but the hottest and coldest areas (地区). Among the leading countries in apple production are China, France and the United States.

There are various kinds of apples, but a very few make up the majority of those grown for sale . The three most common kinds grown in the United States are Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Mcintosh.

Apples are different in colour, size, and taste . The colour of the skin may be red, green, or yellow. They have various sizes, with Delicious apples being among the largest. The taste may be sweet or tart(酸的). Generally, sweet apples are eaten fresh while tart apples are used to make applesauce(苹果酱).

Apple trees may grow as tall as twelve metres . They do best in areas that have very cold winters. Although no fruit is yielded during the winter, this cold period is good for the tree.

40. It can be learned from the text that Delicious apples are___B____.

A. grown in France

B. sold everywhere

C. very big

D. quite sweet

41. Cold winter weather is good for . A

A. the growth of apple trees

B. producing large apples

C. improving the taste of apples

D. the increase of water in apples

42. China, France and the United States are considered to ___A____.

A. be large producers of apples

B. be large producers of applesauce

C. have the longest history in apple production

D. have the coldest winter among apple producing countries

43. The word yielded in the last sentence means __C_____.

A. improved

B. increased

C. produced

D. sold


It’s never easy to admit(承认)you are in the wrong. We all 11___ to know the art of apology (道歉). Think how often you’ve done wrong. Then count how many 12____you’ve expressed clearly you were 13_____. You can’t go to bed with an easy mind if you do 14 _____about it.

A doctor friedn, Mr Lieb, told me about a man who came to him with different kinds of signs: headaches, heart trouble and insomnia(失眠症). 15_____ some careful exams, Mr Lieb found nothing wrong with him and said, “If you don’t tell me what’s 16_____ you, I can’t help you”.

The man admitted he was cheating(骗取) his brother of his inheritance(遗产). Then and there the clever doctor 17_____ the man write to his brother and 18 _____his money. As soon as the letter was put into the post box, the man suddenly cried.“Thank you ,” he said to he docotor,“I think I’ve got well.”

An apology can not only save a broken relationship(关系), but also make it 19_____ . If you can think of someone who should be 20_____ an apology from you, do something about in right now. ( C) 44A decide B. have C. need D. try ( D) 45. A. mistakes B. people C.ways D. times ( A ) 46. A. sorry B. weak C. sad D. wrong ( C) 47. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything ( B ) 48. A. Before B. After C. Till D. Since ( D) 49 A. hurting B. changing C. touching D. worrying ( A) 50 A. made B. helped C. let D. saw ( C) 51. A. gave B. kept C. returned D. paid ( D ) 52. A. newer B. worse C. harder D. stronger ( B) 53. A. received B. given C. known D. forgotten


Part One (C ---E)


Research shows that the person who drinks a lot will have heart disease more dasily.


We can't foresee sdutions to practical problems.


If you had taken my advice,you couldn't have any trouble now.


Most single parents find it difficult to take care of a family all by themselves.


Modern technology makes us successful.

Part Two (E----C)

59、He does not write for any newspapers except the Washington Post.


60、He felt ill at ease in the strange surroundings.


61、No pains , No gains.