I. 1. A/B 2. C 3.D 4. A/D 5.D 6. A/B/C/D

7. B/D 8. B/C/D 9 B/C 10. A/B/C/D


intention, interested in, view, suitable, grateful, have, together with, appreciate, as, sup pliers

IV. 1. We have been informed by Jameson Garments (Vancouver) Ltd. that you are one of the leading exporters of textiles in Hangzhou and that you wish to extend busin ess to our market.

2. We would like to have your lowest quotations for the captioned goods on the terms and conditions listed below:

3. Please send me some further information on the features and costs of the Vernard li ne of Ultrasonic equipment, which you recently advertised in Electronics magazine.

4. We are interested in importing Chinese furniture and would be pleased to receive a copy of your latest catalogue, price list and export terms.

5.We would be grateful if you would send us a comprehensive price list, together with some samples, of the goods which you can supply.

V. 1.Chinese low-voltage microwave ovens are in great demand in our country. We w ould therefore much appreciate it if you could let us have your competitive prices for t he models available at present.

2. We write to introduce ourselves as a leading importer of surgical instruments and a re interested in receiving a copy of your latest catalogue for our reference.

3. Specializing in the line of confectionery, we have extensive connections with food stores throughout this country.

4. We would be much obliged if you could send us a complete set of leaflets so as to give us a general idea of the export items you handle.

5. From Messrs. Brown & Clark of this city, we have learned that you are regular sup pliers of Chinese kitchenware, for which there is a growing demand here.

6. We have read with interest your advertisement in the latest issue of Television World, and would like to have full particulars of your products, including specifications, prices and packing.


Huafang Trading Co. Ltd.

456 Huqiu Road

Suzhou, China

September 10, 199-

The Sales Manager

The Midland Carpet Co. Ltd. 173 Waterloo Street London E.C.4 Britain

Dear Sir

We have noticed with interest your advertisement in the August issue of The Magic C arpet and feel that the patterns of your carpets may appeal to Chinese customers, espe cially the well-to-do newly weds. Therefore, we would like to have detailed informati on about the various types of carpets available at the moment, such as specifications a nd prices, if possible together with sample cuttings.

As we intend to lay in a stock for the New Year sales, it would be a great help to us if we could receive your reply by the end of this month.

Yours faithfully


Huafang Trading Co. Ltd.

Import Manager


I. 1. A/B/D 2. / 3. A/B/C/D 4. C 5. A/B/D

6. B/C

7. B

8. A/D

9. A/B 10. B/C

III. intend, have stocked only, have decided, select, should be obliged, would send, have examined, shall contact,

IV. 1. We think that when you see our samples, you will agree that the quality of th e material used and the high standard of craftsmanship will appeal to the most selectiv

e buyers.

2.Though we are at present unable to meet your requirement for the captioned articles, we shall be only too pleased to revert to the matter once our supplies are replenished.

3. We should like to draw your attention to our other products such as stainless steel kitchenware, details of which you will find in the catalog, and look forward to your first order.

4. At your request, we are now quoting you for 1,000 dozen steel tapes at

USD5.--per dz. CFR Lagos.

5. We are well aware that our competitors are quoting at considerably lower prices, but our products are obviously superior in quality and therefore represent better value. V. 1. In reply to your inquiry of January 12, we are pleased to inform you that a cat alog and a price list have been airmailed separately for your reference.

2. If, however, you need any other information, please do not hesitate to let us know. We shall be only too glad to answer further questions from you.

3. As you will notice, our prices are quite competitive, and since we carry large stocks of all models, we can promise delivery within a month of receipt of your L/C.

4. If you can let us have an idea of the quantity you are going to order, we may consi der giving you a more favorable discount.

5. Though we no longer supply Type SB-95, we have in stock Type SB-99, which is both better in performance and more reasonable in price.


Dear Mr. Black,

Thank you for your enquiry of August 16 concerning our equipment, which you sa w at the International Farm Machinery Fair in Bonn.

In answer to the specific questions in your letter, first let me say we are willing to c onsider substantial discount on orders over RMB¥Y1,000,000.

With regard to the terms of payment, we would suggest sight L/C for the initial stage. We can fulfill orders within three months, unless there are special specification s, which may take a little longer. We are enclosing our current catalog and pricelist q uoting c.i.f. Bangkok prices, and we think you will find the earth-moving equipment o n pp. 101-115 of particular interest for the work you have in mind. If you require any f urther information, please contact us and we will be pleased to supply it.

Yours sincerel

Unit 4

I. 1. A/B/C/D 2. A 3. A/B/C/D 4. . C/D b 5. B

6. C

7. A/D

8. B/C 9 B/D 10. A/C/D

http://www.360docs.net/doc/info-bd58cc39e518964bce847c2a.htmlpetitive, quoted, case, that, ship, between, a total of, qualify for, Since, be obliged

IV. 1. We are pleased to give you an order for the following items on the understand ing that they will be supplied from current stock at the prices named.

2.Thank you very much for your Order No. GD34, and we are pleased to enclose our Sales Confirmation No. 9975 in duplicate, one copy of which please sign and retu rn to us for our file.

3. Your order is receiving our immediate attention and can be delivered well within y our time limit

4. While thanking you for your order, we have to explain that our price has increased by 5% owing to a corresponding rise in the prices of raw materials.

5. However, in order to finalize the first transaction between us, we are ready to allow you a 5% discount if you can increase the quantity to 1,000.

V. 1. This is to confirm our telephone discussion this morning. Enclosed is our O rder No. CT504 for 1,500 pounds of Longjing Green Tea at 36 pence per lb CIF Lond on for shipment during June/July.

2. As the demand for our laser printers is on the increase, we hope you will act imme diately if you are considering placing an order with us.

3. Please note that the goods must be in strict conformity with the samples in quality. If this first order is satisfactorily executed, regular orders will follow.

4. Thank you f or your prompt reply to our inquiry of April 22. We are now pleased t o order from you 2000 dozen pure silk T-shirts. (For details, please refer to our enclos ed order No. 358.)

5. Although our price is a little higher than quotations of other suppliers, the superior quality of our products more than compensates for the difference in price, and it is to your own advantage to order goods of really good quality.


Dear Ms Collins,

Thank you very much for your Order No. CS27 for our rotary printing presses Models PM600 and PM800 for November shipment. We wish to inform you that we can com ply with all your requirements except for PM600, which is unfortunately out of stock at the present moment. We, therefore, would like to place before you two alternatives for your consideration.

1. As an excellent substitute for PM600, we recommend PM630, which is our latest model (for details, see attached leaflet) and can be shipped together with PM800 in N ovember.

2. In case you still prefer PM600, we can ship your order in two lots, i.e. PM800 in November and PM600 in January next year, which is the earliest time we can manage. We look forward to your early decision.

Yours sincerely

Unit 5

I. 1. B/C/D 2. B/D 3. C4. A/B/C 5. A/B/C

6. D

7. A/C/D

8. B/C

9. / 10. D

cover, individual, available, suitable for, which, in which, be grateful, so that, assure, require


1. We would like you to arrange an all risk open cover policy for our chinaware ipme nts which we intend to export over the next three months.

2.If you can offer us competitive rates, we will consider further policies with yo

u on other shipments.

3. As we now desire to have the shipment insured at your end, we shall be please

d if you will arrang

e to insure the goods on our behal

f against All Risks for 110%

of the invoice value.

4. As requested, we have covered your order with PICC, and the insurance policy

will be sent to you through the bank together with the other shipping documents.

5. We had the case opened and the contents examined by a local insurance survey

or in the presence of the shipping company’s agent.


1. In the absence of your definite instructions about insurance, we have covered your ordered goods against W.P.A. for 110% of the invoice value as usual.

2. We have noted your request for insurance against War Risk. But, as you know, our CIF quotation includes W.P.A. only. Therefore, if you require this additional coverage , the extra premium will be borne by you.

3. If the buyer finds after inspection that the goods are damaged, he has the right to file a claim with the underwriter against a surveyor’s report within 30 days of the arri val of the goods at the port of destination.

4. We regret to inform you that of the invoiced 12 laser printers in Case No. 8, five w ere found upon arrival to be badly damaged.

(OR: We wish to inform you that Case No. 8 was invoiced as containing 12 laser

printers, five of which were regrettably found upon arrival to be badly damaged.) 5. The People’s Insurance Company of China is a large state-owned enterprise, which njoys the reputation of settling claims promptly and equitably and has agencies in the main ports and areas throughout the world.

Dear Sir/Madam

We have received your quotation of November 5, which we find quite competitive. We would be glad if you would cover us against All Risks, warehouse to warehouse, to the value of Can$274,895.--, on 15 (fifteen) cases of ceramic handicrafts, from Qingdao to Vancouver by M. V. Seagull.

The certificate must reach us by the 17th

at the latest, since it has to be presented with the other documents to the bank with wh ich a letter of credit has been opened.

We look forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely

Unit 6

I. 1. B/D 2. A/B 6. B/D 3. D 4. C 5. B/C 7. A/B/C8. C/D9. B/C/D 10. A/B/C/D III. to ensure, reach, follows, is wrapped, being packed, separated, to hold, are secu red, has answered, receiving

IV. 1. If cartons are used, please supply each chemical in strong polythene bags to ensure

protection from damp.

2. A light case reinforced by battens would meet your requirements and be much chea per than a solid wooden case, as the former would be non-returnable.

3. When the various items of your order are complete in our warehouse, we will pack them into bundles of suitable size for shipment.

4. Please make our order up into bales of about 200 kg. each, covered with


fabric and strapped vertically and horizontally with metal bands.

5. All polished parts of the machine are to be wrapped and generously padded to avoi


scratching and knocking against the container.

V. 1. Export crates for goods of the type you name are completely enclosed b y plywood, and firmly battened.

2. Export orders are put up in strong cases, cleated and wire-strapped. Solid packing a nd

stuffing inside the cases gives protection from vibration and jarring.

3. All powders are wrapped in polythene bags and then packed in tins, the lids of whi ch

are sealed with adhesive tape.

4. Valves and all delicate parts are to be wrapped in soft material and firmly packed i n

cardboard boxes. These in turn are to be packed in cases in such a manner that movem ent inside

the cases is impossible.

5.We give you on the attached sheet full details regarding packing and marking. These must be strictly observed.


Dear Mr. Merton

We thank you for you letter of June 26, and would like to confirm that we are still offe ring our Phoenix range at the prices quoted in our letter of June 15. We are sure that y ou find these prices quite competitive.

Meanwhile, we understand your concern over packing and wish to give you the follo wing details:

Each vase is wrapped in a polybag, and then put in a foamed plastic casing, which is i n turn placed in a decorative cardboard box. These boxes are packed in specially desig ned polythene-lined strong cardboard cartons, twelve to a carton, so that no movement

inside the cartons is possible.

Besides, on the outside of each carton are clearly stencilled in fadeless ink such warni ng marks as “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE”.

We hope you will agree that we have taken every possible precaution to ensure the saf e transportation of our products.

We look forward to receiving your order.

Sincerely yours

Unit 7

III. ordered, have been despatched, arranged, (are) numbered, is arriving, sailed, ha ve been handed, opened, will pay, will be


1.We are pleased to inform you that your order no. 32 has been despatched, packed in twelve 100 kg. cases, in accordance with your instructions.

2. In view of the urgency of the order, we have despatched it today by air, so that the goods should reach you tomorrow.

3. Our rates are subject to alteration without prior notice, except in the case of special contract.

4. We have connections throughout the world and as a result of our wide experience we can advise you on suitable packing and method of transport for any country to whi ch you wish to export.

5. As you have been informed in one of our previous letters, the users are in urgent ne ed of the machines contracted and are in fact pressing us for an early delivery.

V. 1. We have already executed that part of your order which we could supply from stock. The remainder may be subject to a delay of four to six weeks.

2. We shall be glad to know frequency of sailings, lowest rates for large shipments, a nd groupage rates for small consignments.

3. The goods under your order No. 297 have been packed and are ready for despatch, and we would be pleased if you would fill up, sign and return the attached instructions form as soon as possible.

4. You can save both time and money by letting us handle all shipping and Customs formalities for you.

5. To assist you in introducing our products into your market as early as possible, we agree to advance the initial shipment of 1/3 (one third) of the total quantity from June/July to April/May. \


Dear Mr. Arnold

Re: Order No. 896 S/C No. 980927

From your letter of October 20 concerning the captioned S/C, we understand that inste ad of the stipulated two equal shipments in January and February, 1999 respectively, y ou now wish to have 80% of the total quantity shipped in November and the balance i n December this year.

In reply, we wish to inform you that although we have the required quantity in stock, your request came too late for November shipment, especially because direct sailings for your

port are few and far between. Besides, the relevant L/C is yet to be opened. Therefore, we would suggest that 80% of the total quantity be shipped in December th is year and the balance 20% in January, 1999, provided your L/C reaches us not later t han November 20.

Please let us know promptly whether this arrangement is convenient to you.

port are few and far between. Besides, the relevant L/C is yet to be opened. Therefore, we would suggest that 80% of the total quantity be shipped in December th is year and the balance 20% in January, 1999, provided your L/C reaches us not later t han November 20.

Please let us know promptly whether this arrangement is convenient to you.

Unit 8


1. D

2. A/C

3. B

4. B

5. C

6. A/B/C 7 . A/B/D 8 A/C/D 9. C 10. B/D

III. have given, to open, covering, is stipulated, be shipped, would/will appreciate, w ould/will fax, airmail, listed, is / has been effected


1. With regard to terms of payment, we regret being unable to consider your request for D/A at 60 days' sight.

2. Please let us know upon receipt of this letter what difficulties you actually have in o pening the L/C.

3. However, on going through your L/C No. 123 we regretfully find several clauses to be amended.

4.Much to our regret, we are unable to comply with your request for an extension of o ur L/C No. 789 because the present import regulations do not permit any extension of import licence.

5. In future we will make delivery on a D/P basis if, by any chance, we are unable to ship your order in time.


1. Our terms of payment are by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit available by draft at sight, reaching us one month ahead of shipment, remaining valid for negotiati on in China for another 21 days after the prescribed time of shipment, and allowing tr anshipment and partial shipments.

2. For the time being, therefore, we regret our inability to accept D/A in any transactions with our buyers abroad.

3. Regrettably there is no news from you up to the present moment about your L/C, which should have reached us by the end of last month.

4. Please amend L/C No. 99S086 to read “Transhipment allowed”, and delete the clause about insurance policy as this transaction is concluded on CFR basis.

5. As your country has no consulate in this city, it is our practice to have the invoice certified by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Please amend your L/C accordingly.


Dear Sirs,

Following the instructions given in your letter of August 12, our manufacturers have redoubled their efforts to meet your advanced shipment date. We are now pleased to i nform you that the goods are ready for shipment.

Much to our surprise, however, the covering L/C has not reached us even to this day. Please immediately check with your bank to ensure that it reaches us before the e nd of this month. Otherwise, we shall not be able to make delivery within the time lim it agreed upon. In order to avoid possible subsequent amendments, please see to it th at the L/C stipulations are in exact accordance with those of our S/C No. 7890.

Sincerely yours


Dear Sirs

L/C No. HC-00085933

We are pleased to have received the captioned L/C for the 1,000 metric tons of sweet potato slices. As some of its terms are found to be not in conformity with S/C stipulati ons, we hope you will make the following amendments to enable us to effect shipmen t within the contracted time limit:

1. The date and place of expiry should read “December 20, 1998, in Dalian.”


The amount in figures and words should respectively be “USD185,000” and

“Say United States Dollars One Hundred Eighty-five Thousand Only.”


The wording “with 5% more or less allowed” should be inserted for both amount and quantity. 4. The insurance clause is to be deleted. 5.

The Contract number should be 28KG603.


We look forward to your early amendments.

Yours sincerely

Unit 9


1. A

2. A/B/C/D

3. D

4. A/B/C

5. B

6. C/D

7. C

8. A/D

9. A/C/D 10. B

III. have been trading, have been cleared, began, had been established, would be settle d, feel, has passed, to be effected, place, are, might be approached, hearing

IV. 1.

Could you tell us whether they can be replied on to settle their accounts promptly?


We have found that this firm has had to be reminded several times to settle their accou nts. 3.

We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to accept payment by D/P as a special accommodation during this sales-pushing stage. 4. As it is our usual practice to make payment by D/P at sight, we would like you to accept these terms for this transaction a s well as for future business. 5. Much as we would like to have you as one of our cust omers, we regret our inability to do business on the basis of D/A.

V. 1. Messrs. Schneider & Kern have given us your name as their referee. We woul d therefore be much obliged if you could provide us with detailed information about t heir credit status. 2.

Any information about their financial standing and commercial integrity will be much appreciated and treated as confidential. 3. To meet you half way, we suggest th at 40% of the amount be paid by T/T and the balance by irrevocable L/C at 90 days' si ght. 4. In order to pave the way for your sales promotion, we agree to make an except ion and accept payment by 45-day bill of exchange, documents against payment. 5. We have noted your request for payment by D/A and will revert to the matter with you when circumstances permit.


Dear Mr. Croft,

Further to our exchange of faxes on July 8, we are pleased to be able to inform you th at your request for new payment terms has been accepted, and that they will come into effect when you place your next order with us.

As we discussed, future transactions will be placed on a D/P basis with payment 30 da ys after sight, and we will ensure delivery to you within two months of receiving your order.

We are looking forward to an early order from you.

Yours sincerely