CUHK FIN3080 Course Outline

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fall Term 2010-2011

FINA 3080A – Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Instructor: Dr. LUI CK Evans

Tel: 2696-1778

Office: Rm 1152, Cheung Chak Teaching Building

e-mail: evanslui@

Teaching Assistant: Yuen S.W, Mathew

Tel: 2609-7840

Office: Rm 1155, Cheung Chak Teaching Building

e-mail: swyuen@

Course Objective:

Based on previous knowledge from their pre-requisite courses in corporate finance and economics, the students are expected to build up a deeper understanding in investment theories and acquire more practical knowledge in portfolio management in this course. Whenever possible real-life market quotes from Bloomberg and Reuters will be introduced to e nhance students’ understanding i n various investment vehicles’ market convention and trading mechanism. Focus will be primarily on the traditional instruments, like equity, bond, futures and options. Lastly, a presentation on bond portfolio management will be employed to demonstrate some practical issues in managing a (fixed income) portfolio, from a portfolio manager’s perspective.


Bodie, Kane and Marcus, Essentials of Investments, McGraw-Hill International Edition, 8th Edition (EI)

Other good references:

Bodie, Kane and Marcus, Investments, McGraw-Hill-Irwin

Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor, Revised Edition, Collins, 2006


A) Mid-term Quiz 50%

B) Final Quiz # 50%

Office hour:

I encourage you to send me e-mail for any question. Of course, you are welcome to e-mail me for appointment to see me at my office if you consider this mode suits you more.

Tentative schedule:

Week 1: 8 Sept 2010 Introduction, concepts review: Chapter 5 (EI) Week 2: 15 Sept 2010 Chapter 6 (EI)

Week 3 22 Sept 2010 Chapter 7 (EI)

Week 4: 29 Sept 2010 Chapter 8 (EI)

Week 5: 6 Oct 2010 Chapter 10 (EI)

Week 6 13 Oct 2010 Bond portfolio Management: Chapter 11 (EI)* Week 7: 20 Oct 2010 Chapter 12 (EI)

Week 8: 27 Oct 2010 Mid-term Quiz

Week 9: 3 Nov 2010 Chapter 13 (EI)

Week 10: 10 Nov 2010 Chapter 15 (EI)

Week 11: 17 Nov 2010 Chapter 17 (EI)

Week 12: 24 Nov 2010 this class may be cancelled to synchronize with that

of FINA 3080B

Week 13: 2 Dec 2010 Final Quiz**

* Although chapter 11 will not be covered in the exams, you need to read it by yourself to better understand the bond portfolio management presentation on 13 Oct.

** The final quiz will be held in the evening on 2 Dec (NOT 1 Dec).