difficult, not hati ng; bl uepri nts, not rhetoric; wor ds and sim ple, but full of lov e, truth, passion, entre prene urial passi on. Take this opport unity, my inspirational quotes Li Dazhao's classic "iron specia lise i n uplifting ble nd w ith the article" gave everyone, wit h a view on how to do well under the new situati on of township a nd v illage leaders inspire a nd hel p, and also share with y ou. A g ood play to create iron shoul ders strong arms, to assume the bur den be passe d; only spe cific qualities, will it be possi ble in specific area s to cre ate a worl d. In my view , village chiefs i n the new situation, we must first have five basic quality. One am bition is to pioneer. "Who is handsome." People only hig h-mi nde d ca n stimulate t he flow of momentum to become brave a nd persiste nt, be come quiet a nd pow erful. Townshi p and village party "leaders", wit hin their respective juris dicti ons, political stabil ity and economi c and social devel opment i ssues, decisions and ori entation de pends t o a large extent beca use of your. Every body in village chiefs a nd the positions, both t he trust of the masses, t he Orga nization's trust , more abil ity to you, ful ly affirmed the moral and other qualiti es. Therefore, we must always maintain t he hist orical mission and social responsi bility, a nd our i deal tree roote d in the hard w ork of the soil, wit h indomitabl e spirit, i ndomitable courage to open up a new situati on of villages and tow ns. To have a feeli ng of cl ose ness t o the se cond. "T he pe opl e and countr y." Our business f oundati on in t he pe opl e's bl ood in the pe ople pow er pe ople. Advanced deci sions of t he party ca dres to the feelings of the pe ople i s an eter nal theme. Fa n Zhong-ya n, call ed "first, and e njoy comfort about ot hers", Zheng Banqiao's also wr ote a "Y a Chai lay liste ning to t he rustli ng of bamboo, t he suspect is suffering. Ca o County officials, little my, a total t urn off. "Old of feuda l official even ha s so feeli ngs, al one w e is to" servi ng "for purpose s of pe ople servant does? we m ore shoul d always hold with on pe opl e of dee p feeling s, heart Department masses of leading visite d tea, care masses of emoti ons thoughts compl aine d, always i nsiste d put masses of intere sts put in first, consciously from itself do up, from small do up, from masses most care, and most directly, and most reality of interests problem grabbe d, real do love for people by Department, a nd rig ht for pe ople by with, a nd Lee for pe opl e by conspira cy to. Thre e with the fame of mind. "Non -indifferent not insist your dream, wit hout serenity not go far." Ascension to fame is morality, i s the sublimati on of the soul. As ownship and village, be sure to maintai n a normal state of mind, e stablish a correct view poi nt on power, positi on a nd val ues a nd Outlook, as fame is light l ike water, depe ndi ng ... 50 km, also re d and like hundreds of thousa nds of the KMT military com bat, but he we nt on t o collect a variety of new spapers and magazine s, and the n race agai nst time to pore over. As long as the study of mind, it is not nece ssary to come to the library, workshops, i nto the village s, pe opl e learne d farming techniques, problem-solving met hods, parti cipati on i n

onfere nces, learne d superi ors polici es; re ports, y ou can lear n to deal with problems, art, just wante d to lear n, to lear n at any time. To continuously expand the scope of the study. T he complexity and comprehensiv eness of our work, deci de d to not only do w e want to be "professionals", or if "generalists", to dabble in different areas of knowle dge. Mastery of knowl edge not only to have k now ledge to rati onal a nalysis. Thi s on requirements we , not only to l earni ng national of route, a nd a pproa ch, and policy, also to learning nati onal of legal, and regulati ons; not only to with politi cal the or y armed mind, al so to w ith economic t heory g uide w ork; not only to read histor y, also to rea d hist ory; not only t o absorpti on SM of mirror, also to gets i s of road; not only t o from local le arn, al so to t o out side le arn; not only to to books lear n, also to field study le arn. Therefore, I woul d encourage you, and more to t he outside worl d whe n I have time to take a look at, take a stroll, outsi de dev elopments, learn other pe ople's devel opme nt appr oach, a nd then come ba ck to gui de our work. Second, we must t hink. "Learni ng without thoug ht to overshadow, t hinki ng without lear ning is peril ous." We want to foster the character of advancing wit h the times, forge a head, often reflect themselves i n ada pting to the new situation o n whet her ther e are delays, have anyt hing to fear in t he reform and innovation, whether i n terms of accelerating the devel opm nt of a relaxation, kee p pr omising State of mind. In order t o do i nvestigations, inve stigations is the r oad to heaven, God di sposes of the ba se. T o wa nts to real heard trut h, and justi ce to tr uth, a nd get truth, receive d effectivene ss, on must i n-dept h act ual, and outreach, and in-de pth masses, w orshi p masse s for Divisi on, a nd masses heart, with masses wit h discussi on every one care of problem, liste ning hey of calls, understa nd they of mood, feel they of suffering, summary they of experi ence, concentrated t hey of wisdom, e spe cially on masse s most hope, and most urgent, and most w orries, a nd m ost complai ned of hot, a nd difficulties a nd focus problem, more to active rese arch, caug ht not put. Dare to i nnovate, in our work , often remai n "the ol d way doesn't w ork, th e new a ppr oach would not" situati on, t he reason, t he key is that ma ny pe ople k now t hat copying other people's i deas, me cha nic ally, using some one e lse's old way s. To change t his pre dicame nt, requires us to break the sha ckles of traditi onal conce pts to overcome conservative, conformist, good at findi ng ne w problems a nd t o accept new thi ngs, summarize new experie nce, new i deas, developing new programmes and Maveri ck, a ne w approa ch to solve probl ems, spee d up devel opment. Especially i n impleme nt superior poli cy spirit of process in the, both impl ementation, and ca nnot mechani cally, t o to extraordi nary of courage a nd develop enter prisi ng of spirit, put flexibility a nd principl e com bine d up, put superi or of spirit a nd l ocal real ity com bine d up, Yong conspira cy t o breakthrough of poli cy, a nd exerci se innovation of lift, develope d out development w orks of, and grass-r oots wel come s of 广州市轨道交通三北出入口及八号线宝岗





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