Neither, So倒装句及 either, neither, as well练习

Ⅰ. 填空

1. He can ride a bike, so ____I.

2. Mary.

3. Tom doesn’t like bananas. Neither ____his wife.

4. If you won’t go, neither ____I.

5. He is a teacher and so____ his wife.

6. I.

7. I like singing and so Tom.

8. Mary slept well last night and ____ ____ Helen.

9. James didn’t attend the meeting and neitherJane.

10. She hasn’t seen that film. Neither 11. I don’t like football. Neither I.

12. They couldn’t afford to stay there. Neither I

13. He has been to Beijing . So I.

14. Li Wei can’t answer the question .NeitherI.

15. we.

16. we’d like to have a drink. ____ ____ they.

17. Jim.

18. He didn’t smoke, Neither19. They didn’t do it and neither I.

20. they.

21. He put on his coat and went out. _______ _______she.

22. Mary.

23. Tom isn’t nervous. Neither Mary.

24. She’s reading the book. _______ ______ I.

25. she’ he.

26. he.

27. I didn’t meet him.28. she doesn’ Alice.

29. I can’t swim. she.

30. Jerry.

31. She hasn’t got a headache. they.

32. he.

33. Lisa.

34. Jim.

35. She’ he.

36. he.

37. Her voice is very sweet . ____ ____ (我的也是)



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