1.The job of arousing manhood within a people that have been taught for so many

centuries that they are nobody is not easy.

It is no easy job to educate a people who have been told over centuries that they were inferior and of no importance to see that they are humans, the same as any other people.

2.Psychological freedom, a firm sense of self-esteem, is the most powerful weapon

against the long night of physical slavery.

If you break the mental shackles imposed on you by white supremacists, if you really respect yourself, thinking that you are a Man, equal to anyone else, you will be able to take part in the struggle against racial discrimination.

3.The Negro will only be free when he reaches down to the inner depths of his own

being and signs with the pen and ink of assertive manhood his own emancipation proclamation.

The liberation of mind can only be achieved by the Negro himself/herself.

Only when he/she is fully convinced that he/she is a Man/Woman and is not inferior to anyone else, can he/she throw off the manacles of self-abnegation and become free.

4.Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its

best is power correcting everything that stands against love.

Power in the best form of function is the carrying out of the demands of justice with love and justice in the best form of function is the overcoming of everything standing in the way of love with power.

5.At that time economic status was considered the measure of the individual’s

ability and talents.

At that time, the way to evaluate how capable and resourceful a person was to see how much money he had made (or how wealthy he was).

6.…the absence of worldly goods indicated a want of industrious habits and moral


A person was poor because he was lazy and not hard-working and lacked a

sense of right and wrong.

7.It is not the work of slaves driven to their tasks either by the task, by the

taskmaster, or by animal necessity.

This kind of work cannot be done by slaves who work because the work has to be done, because they are forced to work by slave-drivers or because they need to work in order to be fed and clothed.

8.…when the unjust measurement of human worth on the scale of dollars is


…when the unfair practice of judhing human calue by the amount of mo ney

a person has irs done away with.

9.He who hates does not know God, but he who has love has the key that unlocks

the door to the meaning of ultimate reality.

Those who harbor hate in their hearts cannot grasp the teachings of God.

Only those who have love can enjoy the ultimate happiness in Heaven.

10.Let us be dissatisfied until America will no longer have a high blood pressure of

creeds and an anemia of deeds.

Let us be dissatisfied until America no longer only talk about racial equality but is unwilling or reluctant to take action to end such evil practice as racial discrimination.

Lesson 1

1. A white lie is better than a black lie.


2.To upset this cultural homicide, the Negro must rise up with an affirmation of his

own Olympian manhood.


3.…with a spirit straining toward true self-esteem, the Negro must throw off the

manacles of self-abnegation…黑人必须一种竭尽全力自尊自重的精神,大胆抛弃自我克制的枷锁。

4.What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive,

and love without power is sentimental and anemic.必须懂得没有爱的权利是毫无节制的、易被滥用的,而没有权利的爱则是多愁善感、脆弱无力的。

5.It is precisely this collision of immoral power with powerless morality which

constitutes the major crisis of our times.正是这种邪恶的权利和没有权势的道义的冲突构成了我们时代的主要危机。

6.Now early in this century this proposal would have been greeted with ridicule and

denunciation, as destructive of initiative and responsibility.


7.The fact is that the work which improves the condition of mankind, the work

which extends knowledge and increases power and enriched literature and elevates thought, is not done to secure a living.事实上,人们从事改善人类出镜的工作,从事传播知识、增强实力、丰富文学财富以及升华思想的工作并不是为了谋生。

8.…it can spend billions of dollars to put God’s children on their own two feet right

here on earth.它能够花费几十亿美元帮助上帝的孩子自立于这个世界。

9.Furthermore, few if any violent revolutions have been successful unless the

violent minority had the sympathy and support of the nonresistant majority.除非主张暴力的少数人得到大多数人的同情与支持,不和他们对抗,否则,暴力革命很少或者说几乎没有成功的。

10.Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but is bends towards justice.



1. I pictured this prodigy part of me as many different images, trying each one on for size.

I imagined myself as different types of prodigy, trying to find out which one

suited me the best.

2. I had new thoughts , willful thoughts, or rather thoughts filled with lots of won’ts.

I had new thoughts, which were filled with a strong spirit of disobedience and rebellion.

3. The girl had the sauciness of a Shirley Temple.

The girl was Shirley Temple—like, slightly rude but in an amusing way.

4. It felt like worms and toads and slimy things crawling out of my chest, but it also felt good, as if this awful side of me had surfaced, at last.

When I said those words, I felt that some very nasty thoughts had got out of my chest, and so T felt scared. But at the same time I felt good, relieved, because those nasty things had been suppressed in my heart for some time and they had got out at last.

5. And T could sense her anger rising to its breaking point. I wanted to see it spill over.

I could feel that her anger had reached the point where her self—control would collapse, and I wanted to see what my mother would do when she lost complete control of herself.

6. The lid to the piano was closed, shutting out the dust, my misery, and her dreams.

When the lid to the piano was closed, it shut out the dust and also put an end to my misery.

Lesson 2

1. 我的头发没有做出我要的大卷花,而是给我弄成一头乱蓬蓬的黑色小卷毛。

2. 在她告诉我答案前,她对了对手中的杂志,看看赫尔辛基是否能这样发音。

3. 她似乎被这音乐吸引住了。这钢琴曲不长,但有点狂乱,有着迷人的特点,乐曲一开始时快节奏的,接着是欢快跳动的节拍,然后又回到嬉戏的部分。

4. 如果她的才气和她的脾气一样大,她早就出名了。

5. 我最喜欢练习的部分是花哨的谢幕行礼的动作:先出右脚,脚尖点在地毯的玫瑰图案上,身子侧摆,左腿弯曲,抬头,微笑。

6. 一股凉气从头顶开始,然后一点点传到全身。但我却不能停止演奏,双手好像着了魔似的。我不停地想,我的手指会调整好,就像火车会被扳倒正确的轨道上。

7. 她的脸部失去了表情,嘴巴紧闭,双臂无力地垂下。她退出了房间,神色惊异,好像一小片枯黄的树叶被风吹走了,那样的单薄、脆弱、毫无生气。

8. 我第一次,或好像感觉是第一次,注意到右边的乐曲。它的名称是“心满意足”。我也试着弹这首曲子。它的曲调比较轻松,但节奏同样流畅,不是很难。“祈求的孩子”较短、较慢,而“心满意足”更长、更快一些。在我弹了几遍后,我意识到,原来这两个曲子是同一首歌的两个组成部分。

Lesson 3

1.Yet globalization… “is a reality, not a choice”.

Yet globalization is not something that you can accept or reject, it is already

a matter of life which you will encounter and have to respond to every day.

2.Popular factions sprout to exploit nationalist anxieties.

Political groups with broad support have come into being to take advantage of existing worries and uneasiness among the people about foreign “cultural

3.…where xenophobia and economic ambition have often struggled for the upper


…in China, the two trends of closed—door and open—door policies have long been struggling for dominance.

4.Those people out there should continue to live in a museum while we will have

showers that work.

The Chinese people should continue to live a backward life while we live comfortably with all modern conveniences.

5.W esternization… is a phenomenon shot with inconsistencies and populated by

very strange bedfellows.

…westernization is a concept full of self—contradiction and held by people of very different backgrounds or views.

6.You don’t have to be cool to do it; you ju st have to have the eye.

In trying to find out what will be the future trend, you do not need to be fashionable yourself. All you need is awareness, that is to say, you need to be on the alert, to be observant.

7.He… was up in the cybersphere far above the level of time zones.

He was moving around, playing a game through the Internet with people living in different time zones, thus their activity on the computer broke down time zone limit.

8.In the first two weeks of business the Gucci Store took in a surprising $100,000.

The Gucci store did not expect that in the first two weeks of its opening in Shanghai business could be so good.

9.Early on I realized that I was going to need some type of compass to guide me

through the wilds of global culture.

From the very beginning I know I need some theory as guideline to help me in my study of global cultures as globalization, to guide me through such a variety of cultural phenomena.

10.The penitence may have been Jewish, but the aspiration was universal.

The way of showing repentance might be peculiar to the Jews, but the strong desire of gaining forgiveness from God is common, shared by all.

Lesson 3

1.Today we are in the throes of a worldwide reformation of cultures, a tectonic shift

of habits and dreams called, in the curious vocabulary of social scientists, “globalization”.


2.Whatever their backgrounds or agendas, these critics are convinced that Western

—often equated with American —influences will flatten every cultural crease, producing, as one observer terms it, one big “McWorld”.


3.But I also discovered that cultures are as resourceful, resilient, and unpredictable

as the people who compose them.


4.It’s really hard to be original these days, so the easiest way to come up with new

stuff is to mix things that already exist.


5.The Cosmopolitan, plunging necklines and all, is read by 260,000 Chinese women

every month.


6.The lights went out, and for a moment the only sound in the darkness was the

whirring of an expensive camera on auto-rewind.


7.They received a lot from local cultures, but they also kept their own identity.


8.Linking humanity’s natural impulse, its common destiny。


9.They are the powerful cords of the heart.


Lesson 4 Professions for Women

V. Explain the following in your own words, bring out any implied meanings.

1. If you want to be a musician or a painter, you must own a piano or hire models, and you have to visit or even live in cultural centers like Paris, Vienna and Berlin. And also you have to be taught by masters and mistresses. However, if you want to be a writer, you don't need all this.

2. Those conventional attitudes would have taken away the most important part of my writing, the essence of my writing.

3. Thus, whenever I felt the influence of the Victorian attitudes on my writing, I fought back with all my power.

4. It was a sensible thing for men to give themselves great freedom to talk about the body and their passions. But if women want to have the same freedom, men condemn such freedom in women. And I do not believe that they realize how severely they condemn such freedom in women, nor do I believe that they can control their extremely severe condemnation of such freedom in women.

5.It will take a long time for women to rid themselves of false values and attitudes and to overcome the obstacle to telling the truth about their body and passions.

6. Even when the path is open to women in name only, when outwardly there is nothing to prevent a woman from being a doctor, a lawyer, a civil servant, inwardly there are still false ideas and obstacles impeding a woman's progress.

7. (Through fighting against the Angel in the House, through great labor and effort, ) you have gained a position or certain freedom in a society Which has been up to now dominated by men.

VI. Translate the following into Chinese.














Ⅷ.Make corrections in the following sentences where wrong prepositions are used.1.in her way 2.in a draught 3.to that achievement

4. befalling US 5.by the throat 6.of shackles of feudalism

7.at the dog 8.on the verge of tears 9.upon equal terms ’

10.to paper

Lesson 5 Love Is a Fallacy

1. I believe following passing crazes shows a complete lack of sound judgment.

2. One afternoon, when I went back to my dorm, Petey was lying on his bed. He wore such a depressed look that I came to the conclusion at once that he was suffering from appendicitis.

3. My brain, which is as precise as a chemist's scales, began to work at high speed.

4. She was beautiful and attractive enough to arouse the desires and passions of men, but 1 would not let feelings or emotions get the upper hand of reason or good sense.

5. She was not yet fully developed like pin-up girls but 1 felt st, re that, given time, she would fill up and become just as glamorous.

6. In fact, she went in the opposite direction. This is a sarcastic way of saying that she was rather stupid.

7. If you're no longer involved with her (if you stop dating her) others would be free to compete for her friendship.

8. His head turned hack and forth (looking at the coat then looking away from the coat). Every time he looked, his desire for the coat grew stronger and his resolution not to give away Polly became weaker.

9. To teach her to think appeared to be a very big task, and at first I even thought of giving her back to Petey.

10. There is a limit to what any human being can bear.

B. Sentences

1. 像查尔斯兰姆这样快乐和富有创新精神的人物并不常见,他写了《古瓷》和《梦中的孩子》两篇文章,这两篇文章可以说解放了散文。

2. 那么,就读读下面这篇文章吧,它将向我们展示逻辑并不是一门枯燥乏味、迂腐不堪的学科;恰恰相反,逻辑是一个活生生的事物,充满美丽、激情和心灵的创伤。

3. 我的头脑和发电机一样的强大,和药剂师的天平一样精确,和手术刀一样锐利。

4. 她亭亭玉立、体态优雅,这一切表明她出身高贵。

5. 我一下子打开了手提箱,露出气味刺鼻的一团毛乎乎的东西。

6. 这么可爱的人可不容易找。

7. 我要是意志不坚定,我就不是我了。

8. 我皱了一下眉头,但鼓足勇气地继续往下讲。

9. 也许,在她死火山般的脑袋里,还有一点余火仍在闪烁冒烟。

10. 这回菠莉该动心了(应该能达到我的目的了),我双臂交叉在胸前想道。