Retail Marketing detailed__ syllabus v2011


Retail Marketing : Detailed Syllabus 2011

Professor Raymond Ouellet

Why you should attend this course

What is the biggest company in the world? Which industry provides the most jobs in developed countries? Which forum in the marketplace lets us see marketing techniques and strategies being applied all at the same time? What is the top academic journal in marketing? These are some of the important reasons for attending a retail marketing course and learning more about this industry.

Retailing concentrates power in the distribution channel. Because consumers/customers decide which product/service they want to buy in a location (ex. store, internet), retailers can use the information they acquire about consumers to put pressure on industrial companies. The retail industry is hugely competitive both in national and global markets. Understanding the marketing techniques and strategies used in retailing is essential if you are going to understand marketing itself.

Teaching Methods

I believe in an interactive approach to learning. This means that learning is a process that has to be created and that you play an important role in making that happen. My role, t he professor’s role, is to facilitate this process, which is more than simply transmitting a knowledge package to the students.

There is no formal textbook for this class, although I would advise that you buy the Chinese translation of The World of Retailing by Levy and Weitz. (I sent you the 1st Chapter as a PDF). In the four classes we will have together, we will refer to this textbook (ex. What is Retailing, Retailing Formats). In addition, you must be prepared to complete a wide range of reading assignments, especially those related to the cases we will be studying. The idea is to bring basic concepts from the book chapters assigned and to try to apply many of them to the case studies. All materials you need will be provided to you during class. However, reading other chapters in the text will allow you to go beyond the basics and get a greater perspective regarding the issues we will discuss in class.


∙Participation 30%

∙Exercises 70%

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